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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Horn6721

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    I am going to guess there are also hetero people not engaged in any sexual relationship at the moment.
    Cruz went on the say he, like OBAMA said, supports the traditional definition of marriage.
    Once SH realize what he posted did not mean what he thought it meant he stopped trying to use it to support his erroneous stand.
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    You and mb are right, but this is somewhat of a diversion. No doubt that plenty of people are not in sexual relationships at any given time. However, do we expect gays to be permanently celibate? Obviously, we don't expect that of straight people (except Catholic priests, and we see how that works out). And of course, that leads back to the core issue. Is homosexuality (or heterosexuality) a course of conduct or part of someone's identity? If it's part of someone's identity, is it hardwired (meaning something you're born with), or is it something that's determined later in life based on experience? (By the way, something can be determined later in life and still not be a choice.)
  3. Horn6721

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    The point is that all Cruz said was to engage in the act is a choice. He was not commenting on the reasons one is gay.
    He has LBGT people on his team.
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  4. Mr. Deez

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    I understand that, but I think that's a cop-out - not by you but by politicians who give that answer.
  5. Horn6721

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    Mt D
    Oh Of course it is.
    I understand that and think it is a brilliant dodge.
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  6. Mr. Deez

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    Lol. At least you're honest.
  7. LongestHorn

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  8. Horn6721

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    If that person's step mother is real AND conservative she can run into him at any rally and tell him.
    interesting that someone who professes to be conservative would get her panties in a wad over that silly remark.
  9. LongestHorn

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    I know more than a few women in Texas who dye their hair. And some of them have fake boobs. Doubt they care much for tofu.
    I also know that while both Cruz and Beto raised roughly $23 million, Beto has $14 million left and Cruz only $9 million. And that means he needs national GOP money to bail him out. $10 million ought to do it. That is money they did not expect or want to have to spend.
    Fact is, Cruz should have put this Beto guy away a long time ago. It may be Cruz is the problem. No one likes him anymore.
  10. Horn6721

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    No One?
  11. Sangre Naranjada

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    Not true. I like him, perhaps more than when he first went to DC.

    It is also true Cruz should have put Frito Bandito away long before now, but perhaps he got lazy, thinking there was no real challenge from a socialist fruit loop in a statewide race in Texas.
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  12. Mr. Deez

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    I wouldn't say that no one likes him anymore. Obviously, anyone who isn't conservative never liked him. However, it would not surprise me if some Republicans still hold it against him that he didn't openly endorse Trump at the 2016 convention. (I think he did the right thing at the convention.)
  13. Horn6721

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    it isn't like this Beto guy hasn't benefited from ' That is Hollywood and MSM along with the NY chick.
    That is a lot of free attention.
  14. LongestHorn

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    Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget chief, told donors that it was a real “possibility” that Cruz could lose to challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke. Texas hasn’t elected a Democratic candidate to a statewide office in more than two decades.

    “There’s a very real possibility we will win a race for Senate in Florida and lose a race in Texas for Senate, OK?” Mulvaney said, according to the recording shared with the paper. “I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s a possibility. How likable is a candidate? That still counts.”
    Top Trump adviser: Ted Cruz could lose to Beto O'Rourke because he isn't likable
  15. Phil Elliott

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    I do, but not so much I would ever vote for a Dem.
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  16. Sangre Naranjada

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    He's plenty likeable. Beto gets blowjob interviews from people like Ellen Degenerate, nothing substantive at all, just puff pieces. He gets this only because he's a democrat.

    Meanwhile, Ted gets demonized at every opportunity by the same democrat loving media. This kind of ongoing blatant favoritism will always skew "likeability" numbers (whatever the f that means anyway) among the mouth breathing moron class who watch shows like Ellen.

    But when it comes down to it, the good, decent, honorable people of Texas will outvote the mouthbreathers, and Beto will go the way of Abortion Barbie, and the liberal fools from California will have pissed away millions more dollars in wasted campaign donations.
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  17. Horn6721

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    Well said
    Media have said so many times that Cruz is unlikeable.
    Such BS
    but if said enough times ....

    Interesting that Beto's ads are the same fluff he is getting from all the media
    It is when you go to his website that you read he wants to do away with borders and sees no difference between those who come here respecting our laws and those whose first act here is breaking it.

    wants to Avoid unnecessary trade wars. Does not mention how he would handle trade agreements that are unfair to us.
    Wants to rejoin the Paris Climate accords.

    doesn't seem to understand there are unlimited visas available for agriculture workers
    He would Fully support federal research on gun violence so that we can better understand and address its root causes.
    That is a radical stand.:confused2:

    But hey he is cool and can skateboard.
  18. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    And he likes to drive drunk and have daddy get him off the hook.
  19. ProdigalHorn

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    The CNN Analysis:

    Why is Senator Cruz unpopular nationally? Let's go to a live interview where we'll talk to Senator Cruz and try to figure out why he appears to be struggling!

    "We're talking to right-wing zealot Ted Cruz today, who continually demagogues controversial positions on Mexican immigrants and women's reproductive rights, and has a long history of talking down to his opponents by micro-analyzing their arguments and disputing their assertions with cherry-picked statistics and flawed logic. Senator Cruz... why do you think people don't like you?"
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  20. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

    It's not enough to not vote for beta. You have to turn out and vote for Ted. Neither you nor Trump want beta in the Senate.
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  21. Mr. Deez

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    And that's what I'm talking about. I don't think those Republicans are going to vote for Beta. I'm concerned that some may stay out of the race altogether or vote third party.

    There's a reason why Cruz is asking Trump for help. Obviously it's not to get moderates or liberals to vote for him. It could be to get some on the Right who are still bitter at him to vote for him.
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  22. Mr. Deez

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    Liberal Democrats who are well-funded (and therefore serious candidates) always get blowjob interviews from the national media when it's general election season. That has been the nature of politics since the New Deal. Abortion Barbie got blowjob interviews all the time when she was running against The Wheelchair. Furthermore, Abortion Barbie was likable, sometimes good looking), well-spoken, motivated the liberal base, and was reasonably intelligent. She was a lot like Beta but without an ugly criminal record and with more brains. (If you listen to Beta actually talk policy, there isn't very much brains or substance there. That's why he can thrive in blowjob interviews like anybody else would but would get clobbered if he debated Cruz and faced serious questions for the first time in the campaign.)

    But even though Abortion Barbie had every advantage that Beta has, The Wheelchair kicked her *** in the end. In fact, if you look at the polls from back then, she never became a serious threat to knock him off. In fact, she did worse than bland, old, weird-looking moderate Bill White did just 4 years earlier.

    The critical distinction is between The Wheelchair and Cruz. Yes, the media is pushing the unlikability narrative, but they didn't invent it out of thin air. It resonates some because there's truth to it. I've been saying Ted Cruz was unlikable and aloof (not in reality but on the superficial level) for ten years - long before the national media even knew who the hell he was. It's a real liability for him. It's not a media creation.

    Furthermore, he has done two things that have weakened the winning coalition of the Texas GOP at least with respect to his candidacy. First, he ran as a militant anti-establishment candidate and kept that up as a Senator by taking a piss on Mitch McConnell, leading government shutdowns, etc. Well, you may not like those guys (and I often don't), but that's your downtown business crowd and the people who work for them and live in the nearby suburbs. They are part of the GOP coalition in Texas. They don't always need them to win, but they need them to win comfortably. Second, he pulled the "vote your conscience" routine at the Convention, which weakened his standing with many of the same anti-establishment conservative voters to whom he catered just a few years earlier. So if you sum both of those up, it spells diminished support from both somewhat conflicting groups - a feat that's frankly hard to do, and it's making his job harder and makes normally small things like unlikeability a bigger problem.

    The Wheelchair has managed to maintain almost universal support from the establishment crowd (since he has been their ***** for 25 years) while keeping reasonably strong support with the grassroots conservatives. He's holding the coalition together, so Abortion Barbie couldn't threaten him, and Lupe Valdez won't either.

    Of course, Beta can't threaten Cruz by attracting grassroots conservatives, because he's an open-borders God-hater. But he might siphon off some of the downtown business crowd people. He won't win them, but he doesn't have to. He just has to siphon off enough of them to assemble a winning coalition with the Democratic base coupled with blunted enthusiasm. It takes a perfect storm, but it's doable.
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  23. Joe Fan

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    According to RCP, there are 8 Senate races w/RCP Avgs currently less than 4 points, including Ted Cruz --

    TX (Cruz +3.2)
    AZ (McSally +0.3)
    TN (Bredesen +0.3)
    MO (Hawley + 0.5)
    NV (Rosen +1.3)
    ND (Cramer +1.6)
    FL (Scott +2.2)
    IN (Donnelly +3.8)
  24. nashhorn

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    Well heck, just saw where Willie is hosting a rally for Beto in Austin. I know he leans liberal but still disappointing. Wish people would show up in Cruz shirts but then again it is Austin.
  25. Mr. Deez

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    Maybe David Allan Coe will host a rally for Cruz.
  26. HornHuskerDad

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    You nailed it, Sangre. When push comes to shove on election day, Cruz will prevail - but maybe by an uncomfortable margin.
  27. Joe Fan

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    Beto's attack on the NRA and 2nd Amendment appear to have backfired. Go figure

    The latest Quinnipiac poll has Ted Cruz now up 9 points (the reality is probably higher)

    Poll: Cruz leading O’Rourke by 9 points
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  28. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Plus Cruz stuff is now popping up everywhere. He's just getting hot and I predict the spread will get bigger as the election gets nearer.
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  29. mchammer

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    When are the debates? Are they still on?
  30. Vol Horn 4 Life

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