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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Did we ever show interest in Natasha Mack coming out of high school two years ago? I vaguely recall a couple of poster on here who were high on her skills.

    Wish we'd have been involved this second time around:

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    Ok. Good.
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    That would be disappointing for us Texas fans. As Moooooo mentioned, so far there is nothing out there officially, though.
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    IF Endyia chose Southern Cal and let the coaches at Tennessee know, it's very unfortunate that it was leaked to the press before she made it public. :e-thinking:
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    Yes, that would be unfortunate. The guy who reported the story covers the lady vols so he may have been told by one of the coaches. But as you said, if a player calls the schools and tells them of her decision most coaches would respect her and not make it public until she does. Unless that coach became unhappy with the way the recruitment ended up.
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  7. BabHorn

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    Only seven more days until the early signing period starts: Nov 14 through Nov 21.
  8. racerx5908

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    I think it may be USC as in South Carolina. After signing day, I'll explain why I'm guessing this.
  9. BabHorn

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    The article was pretty clear, writing out Southern Cal, but if she actually has chosen to attend USC, it really doesn't matter which one it is. Not that I am giving up on her signing with Texas just yet.

    Looking at some message boards, ESPN and Prospects Nation lists, looks like every Big 12 schools has at least one commit, although none of the schools is probably done.

    Jordyn Oliver G 5-10 Prosper H.S. (TX)

    Iowa State
    Maggie McGraw W 5' 11" Indianola (IA)
    Gabby McBride F 6' 2" Carroll HS (Southlake, TX)

    Zakiyah Franklin PG 5-7 Winter Haven H.S. (FL)
    Chandler Prater W 5' 11" North Kansas City (MO)

    Kansas State
    Emma Chapman F 6' 3" Hickman High School, MO
    PG Jada Thorpe PG 5' 7" Montverde Academy (FL)

    Elizabeth Scott W 6-0 Klein Oak H.S. (TX)
    Gabby Gregory G 6-0 Holland Hall H.S. (OK)
    Chloe Bloom P 6-3 New South Wales, AUS
    Holly Kersgieter G 5-11 Charles Page H. S. (OK)

    Oklahoma State
    Kennedi Jackson P 6' 4" Ursuline Academy (LA)

    Tavy Diggs W 6' 2" Plano East HS (Plano, TX)

    Celeste Taylor G 5-11 Long Island Lutheran H.S. (NY)
    Ashlee Hannah F 6-4 Queensland (AUS)

    Texas Tech
    Alexis Tucker W 5-11 Junipero Serra H.S. (CA)
    Nailah Dillard G 5-10 Inderkum H.S. Sacramento, CA
    Ricka Jackson SF 5’10” Stonewall Jackson HS Ewa Beach, Hawaii
    South Georgia Technical College (JC)

    West Virginia
    Kirsten Deans PG 5-8 Connections Academy, (NC)
    Leilani Correa G 5-10 Manchester Township H.S. (NJ)
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  10. flash34

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    Don’t know if anybody reported it here, but ESPNW reported on Monday that Zia Cook committed to South Carolina.
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  11. flash34

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    Just saw it was reported. I am always 2 days behind
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  12. BabHorn

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    South Carolina adds another player, 6-0 W Brea Beal. Wonder how that effects Rickea Jackson's decision. Does it make Rutgers the favorite to land Jackson?
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  13. LutherIsMyDog

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    Since SC's post, South Carolina has received commitments from 2 of the 4; Cooke and Beal. Amihere and Jackson are on deck.

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  14. racerx5908

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    Interesting tidbit from a talk Karen Aston gave to the volleyball Point Texas club before Wednesday's game vs. K-State. She said the typically the top-5 players are foundational players for any program. They will significantly affect your team if you get them. Then, she said that players from 6-30 can be the great unknown (my phrasing) that you can't know what you have with those ranked players until they enter your program.
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  15. racerx5908

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    As you know, on a separate thread, there is a discussion about Chazz Patterson announcing she would be leaving Texas WBB. Bummer. But I started thinking about how it might affect another PG we've been waiting to hear about - Endyia Rogers.

    Myself, I had thought she would be going to South Carolina. I looked on SC's roster and was surprised to find it only consisted of 13 players at this time (2018-19 Women's Basketball Roster - University of South Carolina) with 5 guards, 3 of them are seniors. Then looking at their 2019 verbal commits, I see they get Zia Cooke, oh yeah. I see. I wonder if this affects Endyia's thinking?

    Now, some have pointed out that Tennessee's coaches leaked that she's going to the "other" USC, Southern Cal. Their roster is: 2018-19 USC Women's Basketball Roster - University of Southern California, which is a mixture of freshmen up to seniors.

    Hmmm. I guess we'll know by 11/14.
  16. Moooooo

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    I have to ask why you mention South Carolina when they are not among her five finalists -- Tennessee, Ohio State, Texas, Miss. State, and Southern Cal -- all of which she visited officially. I've read nothing about her being interested in South Carolina or visiting there unofficially at any point.
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  17. racerx5908

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    I may be totally off on that. So....[shrug]
  18. DFW_Horn

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    I guess we’ll all know how accurate our guesses were in about 30 minutes...

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  19. Zig72

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  20. DFW_Horn

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    USC (Southern California)
  21. racerx5908

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    Y'all were right. I'll explain how I ended up with my bad guess.
    Karen was mentioning "They can play in front of 18,000 fans at South Carolina or 15,000 fans at UConn......."

    And then a minute or two later she said, "And I lost a player who told me she wanted to play in front of 18,000"

    So, I had mentally mapped 18,000 = South Carolina = Endyia Rogers

    My bad.

    Now the question is could she have been talking Zia Cooke -> S.C.? Well, Cooke never had Texas in a top 5 did she?
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  22. flash34

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    So another conspiracy theory or other on a cold Tuesday for ya'll. A lot of Aston questioners if not haters have surfaced now with the team looking less than stellar, Patterson leaving, point guard recruiting not so illustrious anymore, etc. So focusing on the guard position...……...specifically the point guard position...……..I think it was Moooo(?) that introduced the Jamie Carey factor. I was thinking the same thing prior to that post but didn't have any real insight or moxie to speculate. But now...………...the gloves are off. We hired Carey to coach our guards a couple of years ago and that seemed a good plan. Carey is legendary as a player at Stanford and Texas and was coaching in Colorado. Texas had McCarty and others that were still sophomores. Times change. Patterson is gone and nobody knows specifically why. Point guard recruiting has been unfruitful if not downright a crop famine. And Carey was not able to help in getting Prechtel out of Colorado. In watching bench dynamics, Carey is about as demonstrative during the games as a fence post on my Reatta Ranch in Marfa. She was fiery as a player but appears to be subdued/quiet as a coach with not much personality. Is it possible it is Carey (and less Aston) that is the biggest factor in guards not being acquired/developed? For those that attend the functions in Austin and at least talk to Carey...……...do you have an opinion? This perhaps is not fair but there seems there is enough "credit" to spread around. Thoughts or am I just reaching and dragging an innocent coach into the fray?
  23. racerx5908

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    I once wrote to a mailbag question to a national football podcast, highly respected guys. I asked which is the fanbase that turns on a dime and starts criticizing itself and "eating their young" the moment something negative happens. And which is one that is unrealistically optimistic that they're "just about to turn the corner", just you wait. The answer? Which was read out on the podcast:

    Turn on a Dime = Texas
    About to Turn the Corner = Texas A&M

    It's two games into the season. Geez folks.

    Where was the handwringing when Jordan Hosey transferred out? Where was the gnashing of teeth with Khaleann Coron-Goudreau transferred out? The questioning of coaches when Lilley Vander Zee left?

    People have axes to grind with our coaches, apparently, and any negative issue with a 2-0 Texas is enough.
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    I think you’re reaching just a little. I didn’t expect Texas to have a great 2019 in recruiting because of the depth that WAS already on the roster. I felt that whoever they got for 2019 would be icing on the cake because there wasn’t very many needs or must haves with the roster. It would be nice to have a legit 6’ to 6’ 1” SF but I didn’t feel like it was an absolutely must get. Same thing for the PG position going into the 2019 recruiting cycle. BUT the transfer to Chaz changed that and not getting a PG for 2019 now hurts because the lack of a true backup PG.

    Jamie really hasn’t been in the position since she’s been at Texas were it made sense to go all out on a PG up until now. I’m sure they will comb through the transfer market after the season but the 2020 recruiting cycle is obviously a must get/have at the PG position. The good news is that there is a lot of talent at the position in state for 2020 and class separation. Jamie will then obviously have a big impact on whether or not they’re able to get quality guards in 2020.
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  25. kurupt

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    I certainly don’t have an axe to grind with the coaches. I just want Coach Aston to get the most out of the players. And the most important way to do that for her is to grow and evolve as a coach offensively and defensively. The problem is that it looks like the same unimaginative coaching on offense and defense. Either get better as a coach individually or bring in an assistant coach that knows X’s and O’s. And to be fair none of those players that transferred were the caliber of Chaz and Texas had depth at the 4 position.
  26. flash34

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    Racer.....good points. I am still on the bandwagon and think it will get better as the season progresses. And kurupt you are correct......i’m grasping for straws. I am going to Waco in February with a Baylor friend like last year and can’t stand the thought of another beat down by 30. I’ll relax and try and not turn on a dime. Until next game.
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  27. racerx5908

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    As a fan, I was on the warpath during the Gail G years. Everything was bad and weak. I finally had to sit myself down and tell myself to chill out. They (coaches and players) were doing their best and they knew a lot more about basketball than I could ever learn. And with Karen, yeah it's frustrating we can't get over the Baylor hump. But now, I go into most games expecting us to win, instead of slumping in my seat waiting to see how bad we lose. Glass half full. Have to be.
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    So much for that
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