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    UT loses both games in today's double-header: 6-2 to OSU and 2-0 to ISU(!). Looks like the bats have gone silent and Mike White is trying to juggle the lineup to find a spark. The Big 12 tournament is no biggie since everyone knows OU is going to win it. The thing I worry about is how it affects our RPI and chances of hosting a super-regional.
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    No biggie? Well I guess that is ok to say because we went down so quickly but it’s one of those things that had we won, and we were looking soooo good for 5 innings, it would have been a biggie. Really feel badly for the girls but that’s how it’s gone. Hookem and pick yourself up - go lady Horns.
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    The ump certainly wasn't doing Texas any favors, but why can't our team recognize the same thing? OSU wasn't swinging at anything that wasn't perfect yet Texas was swinging at anything in the same zip code. The men's batting disorder disease has infected the softball team. Why weren't they quarantined?
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    Horns hosting a regional as the #9 seed. Will open with Sam Houston while the Aggies will play Houston.

    Good luck Ladies!!!

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    Well, two losses in the Big 12 tournament hurt us as much as I'd feared. Dropping from #6 to a #9 seed. I had worried about the Horn's hitting with the anemic output against Baylor. I had hoped that they would mentally regroup with the Big 12 tournament, but the bats and the patience went even further South.

    Looking at the opponents, they either gifted us an easy round or thought so little of us they gave us two teams on the "Last 4 In" category.

    Hopefully, they get their heads on right Friday.
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    Just got back from a frustrating lost to SHSU. The hitting slump I feared we were stuck is still there. When we had players on 1st and 2nd, Mike White was signaling to his hitters to "keep the ball down" by taking his hands and motioning them downward....only to see them pop up high and lazy for easy outs.

    And Jenae J. Whew. Her head was not in the right place.
    1) late to covering second, requiring a throw to 1st that made it in time.
    2) dropping an easy infield fly, which led the home run to be a 2 runs instead of 1
    3) late to first covering a bunt, but making in time to receive the ball

    If they can't get their act together by Saturday, then it'll be a bitter lesson for next year.
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    They are good. Their recruiting effort is aimed at those who who either cannot handle the academics a major school or are just below major school requirements when they are sophomores in high school and are forced by the "system" to commit. Unfortunately once committed they usually honor that commitment.

    It is the same system in sports that feature a club system - basically every sport except football. Good for some rich kids; bad for most disadvantaged kids.
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    Wow, we better put aggy out of their misery or we've just accomplished about the same thing as we have the last decade overall. All the flashy changes and transfers will have been for nothing much.
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    I'll be at the game vs. A&M today. My regular season seatmates who got seats at or near their season ticket seats (as did we) said that the Aggie fans there for their game vs. Houston were a bunch of nasty a&&holes. I mean, not just pumped up, but nasty. Fortunately, we'll be there at our ticketed seats to displace the squatters. But have to hear their dumb cheers.
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    Horns take out Aggy 3-2 in their first game then beat Sam Houston 3-0 in the late game in which Elish only gave up one hit.

    Now have to beat Houston twice on Sunday to move on to the super.
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    I was shocked to see Elish pitch back-to-back complete games. Better pack her in ice for Houston. I heard the interview that Mike White gave to Kirk Bohls and Cedric Golden where they agreed, "You can't win if your horse is on the bench" i.e. you can't win of your best pitcher isn't starting.

    And of course, I screamed in person and at the TV at all the dumb errors.


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