2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. theiioftx

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    Meanwhile the Dow is over 27,000 today. If the economy continues at this pace, the dems do not stand a chance.
  2. horninchicago

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    Wouldn't surprise me one bit to see them intentionally try to cause an economic downturn somehow just to to blame Trump. No idea how they would do that, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  3. Monahorns

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    All that would have to happen to hurt the economy (at least on the surface) is raise the Fed Reserve rate. That would choke off economic activity. That is probably why you have heard Trump telling the Fed Chairman to keep the rates low.

    Now, long term, the rates need to be allowed to float so that they represent the true consumer value of consumption vs. savings. Right now the Fed has turned the dial past what is natural. The effect is that the loan market looks like there is more savings out there than there really is. Which means business investments are eating up real capital for goods/services that are not profitable (i.e. less preferred than other goods/services).
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  4. Horn6721

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    How long before Dems and media blame Trump for whatever damage hurricane Barry [oh the irony )does?
  5. I35

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    All of the Dem candidates are promising to fix Trump’s booming economy. :lmao:
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  6. UTChE96

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    So it looks like healthcare will be a top priority for the Democratic primary. It's amazing that nearly a decade after the so-called "Affordable" Care Act was passed, the Dems are allowed to speak without shame on this topic. They want to propose a major overhaul of a system to fix the last major overhaul they passed without a single Republican vote.
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  7. Joe Fan

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    ¿Qué pasó Beto?

  8. Joe Fan

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    Kamala Harris weighed on the Epstein matter, saying said the work of the law firm that represented Jeffrey Epstein --

    “calls into question the integrity of our legal system.”

    Later that day, her husband headlined a Chicago fundraiser hosted by six partners of that same firm.

    Go figure

    Harris blasts, and takes money from, Epstein's law firm
  9. Joe Fan

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  10. Joe Fan

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    Been noticing quite a few new 'Pete for President' bumper stickers on Subarus
    He seems to be gathering some momentum

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  11. Clean

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    Cruz isn't Beto's father. He's his Daddy.

    Poor Beto. Everybody but him knows it's over. I guess he's hanging around for a possible VP slot. If Buttigieg gets it, he might want a pretty, surfer boy as a running mate.
  12. Mr. Deez

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    He won't. Beta is ruined.
  13. Monahorns

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    I think white male politicians are going to find that you can't get anywhere being a Democrat SJW. Notice Biden and Sanders both pushed back on the idea that they had to apologize for their sex and race. Sanders actually said people should be judge on their merits. He doesn't have any but the rhetoric worked. O'Rourke descended deeper into the SJW cave into oblivion. He basically de-personed himself as a politician.

    He called the US system racist and then it came out that his family owned slaves back in the day. He done.
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  14. 2003TexasGrad

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    Well since George Washington owned slaves lets retroactively forfeit the revolutionary war. Sorry England, will you take us back?
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  15. Clean

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    Nooo, not England! They'd be worse than Bernie or AOC!
  16. Mr. Deez

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    No, they wouldn't.
  17. theiioftx

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    Bernie raising his staff hourly rate to $15 per hour after complaints surfaced that he wasn’t following his own “living wage” mantra.

    Of course, he needs to cut their hours to pay for it. Feel the burn?
  18. horninchicago

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    And yet people will still say the minimum wage needs to be raised. This is exactly what will happen to many businesses. They will have to cut hours.

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  19. Mr. Deez

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    The minimum wage is a classic example of what should be a state and local issue. We shouldn't have a federal minimum wage.
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  20. iatrogenic

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    I would prefer it to be a supply and demand issue.
  21. Mr. Deez

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    I agree, but I don't think many states would go with that.

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