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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Nov 25, 2017.

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    Good question.
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    Alfred Collins is #20, well that is my hope.

    After that, it's a matter of who wants to jump on board and if the coaches find someone late in the game that will help us.
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  3. Joe Fan

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    For their next game, Evans is still on the roster, but listed as "questionable"
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  4. Joe Fan

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    Burton on this --

    "With the commitment of West Mesquite skill athlete Ty Jordan on Sunday, it would appear that Texas is getting ever closer to finishing up its 2020 recruiting class that is set to sign in December. There are only a few blue chippers known to still be on the board, like Bastrop’s Alfred Collins, California’s LV Bunkley, Scottsdale’s Kelee Ringo, Midland’s Luic Fonoji and Houston’s Josh White.

    * * * *
    As I have mentioned in this column previously and restated in last week’s podcast with Gerry Hamilton, the singular thing that strikes me most about this Texas staff when it comes to recruiting is their thoroughness. Whether it’s finding someone like Juwan Mitchell late in the recruiting process, going hard after Parker Braun as a grad transfer, getting a QB like Sam Saxton to accept a walk-ok spot over Power 5 offers or simply evaluating and recruiting the next generation of high school seniors, this Texas personnel department is relentless and thorough.

    So while everyone thinks Texas is whittling down its list of players - and they are because signing day is nearing - I suspect there is more going on than most might realize. And I bet we’ll hear of a couple more prospects before all is said and done. This Texas personnel staff simply doesn’t stand pat, they’re always busy trying to find ways to improve the team. And like I’ve said, I think that’s a quality that had been long missing from Texas and a primary reason why the Horns are setting themselves up for long-term continued success.
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    The best and most comprehensive recruit evaluation in NCAA football is occurring at Texas right now. It is not just football skills but the whole person that is being evaluated to achieve that perfect culture fit that will not only result in a good teammate, but as someone who will succeed beyond the field in life with what each one learns at Texas.
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    I sure hope that is the case and not smoke up my ***.
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    Visitor List - probably more than this

    OL Jaylen Garth, Port Neches-Groves
    DL Princely Umanmielen, Manor (Official)
    DB Xavion Alford, Shadow Creek
    DB Kitan Crawford, John Tyler
    DB Jerrin Thompson, Lufkin (Official)
    ATH Ja'Quinden Jackson, Duncanville (Official)

    LB Trevion Snead, Mineola (no, not Traylon Shead)
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    What about Sneezy?
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    I thought Victor Ike was coming...
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    I got a great pic of me and Victor and Chris Simms ....
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    I'll have to find and subscribe to Burton's podcast. When you start Joe Fan's weekly recruiting roundup, I'll be a subscriber. :hookem:
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  12. Joe Fan

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    LV Bunkley-Shelton supposed to OV for Kansas on Oct 18

    Loic Fouonji setting up his OV for same weekend
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  13. Joe Fan

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    Some Ty Jordan

  14. #2is#1

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    Victor Ike! Great memory for Texas fans, kickoff return vs Oregon in the Holiday bowl.
    First kickoff return for td for Texas in 266 games.
    Dude was lightning fast, and a local from Bowie High School.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    Troy Omeire flipped to us
    It's funny bc its aggy, but not my fav WR
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  16. Joe Fan

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    Now No. 5 in the 247Sports Composite Team rankings

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    Demas is higher ranked by the various services, but the camp films of Omiere that I've seen show him often toying with DBs like a cat plays with a mouse.

    I like a good blend of speed burners and bigger WRs.
  19. Joe Fan

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  20. Dionysus

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    Who is the likely pancaker?

    LHABSOB 250+ Posts

    Times are good that we can flip a top 200 consensus player from Collie Station and debate if he is really the player we want. Not a knock, just a highlight on how far we have come.
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    Holy cow. Can’t tell you how many ags lauded this guy along with demas
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  23. Joe Fan

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    Earlier this year, aggy was tweeting out this captured pic with the phrase "submitted without comment"

    Thankfully we have now given them something to talk about --

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    I want big tall WRs with speed who are trouble for DBs. Big and fast beats small and fast any day....if they are small they better be 4.3 or 4.4 guys.
  25. Joe Fan

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    OK, well, that is the issue. But LJH did not run fast either and was a great WR for us. And they both go and get the ball
  26. Joe Fan

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  28. Joe Fan

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    Here are his track times
    Troy Omeire
  29. mchammer

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    One Aggy poster alluded that Omeire was homosexual. What a fan base.
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    Unless I see his 40 yard dash or 100 yard dash times I won't know how fast he is.:smokin:
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