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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Joe Fan

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    Back throwing
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  2. BurntOrangeLH

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    I like how he has to dial it back on the touch and lob passes.
  3. Joe Fan

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    Not 2020 but transfer news

    Gerald Wilbon to Louisiana Tech (we dont play them this year, we have USF, UTEP and some other OOC team I forget)
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  4. Austin_Bill

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    Isn't Wilbon a senior? I mean it makes sense since he has been passed by several guys that is likely to include some freshmen. Good luck to him, hope he has a great season. Actually, I just hope he has a season.
  5. Joe Fan

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    He is a GT
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  6. BurntOrangeLH

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    It is amazing that someone who played so well for (remember Jawja?) has now chosen to transfer as has Chisolm. Just another example that Adeleye knows nothing about Texas football DL except he would have to redshirt here a year or two. Poor guy.
  7. Austin_Bill

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    Of all the positions at Texas, Oscar Giles has been damn good at both developing dline talent and taking them to the next level. Poona Ford, Charle Omenihu in his first 2 years. Not sure how Roach will do, but I'm looking forward to watching him as he was a workout warrior in the Combine.

    I was a huge advocate of switching to a 4-3 defense because the makeup of our talent was heavy towards the DTS and 3 techniques. I feel very confident Ta'Quon Graham and Coburn are going to have monster years because of this change.

    I predict the starters will be Collins, Graham, Coburn, and Ossai will be the best Dline in the Big 12 and one of the top 5 in the country. I actually believe all 4 will be high NFL draft picks.
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  8. Joe Fan

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    How did we end up with two such promising QBs in the same class?

    I doubt anybody has been super happy with the results to date, especially last season, however, I think at the same time you have to admit Herman has been raising the overall talent level of the program pretty dramatically
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  9. Austin_Bill

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    We thought the same thing about Strong in 15 and 16 classes. The 2016 class had 17 4'star prospects by the end of their eligibility, only 3 panned out and 3 others finished their eligibility. 1 is still with the team and the rest didn't pan out.

    I'm happy with the direction Herman is taking the team compared to Strong, but this is his make or break year. The stars are aligned, if he can't win the conference this year, he isn't going to do it.
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  10. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    IMO the evaluations are better now. And there is zero doubt a lot more work is going into those evaluations now than they were with the previous staff (who only recruited about 2 months out of the year)
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  11. ViperHorn

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    We will know how much Herman has progressed by the end of the day on 05 December.
  12. Austin_Bill

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    I think by December 5, we will know everything we need to know about Tom. For the last 3 years he has been talking about the system, well now it's time for the system to begin to pay off. If he has a system worth it's salt we will not lose but maybe one game this year. 95% of the players in this system are his, time to put up or shut up.
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  13. Handler

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    Come on, maaannn. We will be underdogs in at least 3 games (If Sam stays healthy). We are still 4-5 great recruiting classes away to competing with top 5 teams each week.
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  14. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    It does not take 8 years to build a championship program at Texas because we have virtually unlimited resources. I would generally give coaches three to four years to be elite, but we should see dramatic changes after two years. I've said a few times Herman is young and still learning and has reached the end of my grace period. With the talent we have we can compete with anyone and should win 10 games this year. Considering covid combined with the fact we have a brand new staff I will probably give them thru next year before I really start complaining. I truly believe he can get it done.
  15. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill 1,000+ Posts

    I can't use Covid as an excuse, it is affecting everyone not just us.
    Look at the inventory of our assets
    QB - 4 year starter and a 3 year backup. Our starter is a Heisman contender.
    RB - 3 year starter and two very solid backups. Our starter is a All-Conference Contender.
    WR - 4 very solid players with two potential conference players
    OL - 3 returning starters and 6 guys that will make up a very solid 2 deep. Our LT is a All-American candidate and likely 1st round NFL draft pick. This is the deepest talent Texas has had in 15 years.
    TE - Two solid very capable players.

    This is just our offense, lets look at Defense.
    DT - Texas is 3 deep at DT with about 6 guys that range from solid starter level to NFL calaber (the latter being Coburn and Graham). This is the deepest position on the team.
    DE - Welcome to the weakest position on the team. We have an All-American candidate and about 3 guys that I'm hoping will hold up. Ossai is the most important player on our team, we don't have anyone else with his skill set right now.
    Linebacker - This is the second weakest position on the team, we are very limited especially if there are injuries. However I think we have some talent and it will develop over the season. In 2021, this will be a position of strength.
    CB - we have a lot of depth and a lot of talent, however it has to finally play up to their talent level.
    S - Very very deep and very talented. Second most talented position on the team with a Thorpe candidate and potential 1st round NFL draft pick.

    I have said this several times and I will say this here. If Tom Herman and this coaching staff can't get it done this year, it's never going to happen. I know we aren't as talented as bama, clemson, or tosu, but there isn't another school that comes close to Texas and certainly not anyone on our schedule. Don't care what Vegas thinks.

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