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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Moooooo, Jul 17, 2016.

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    I do think there is concern regarding international players coming to U.S.:

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    I think she might be the player Vic might look to get to complete the roster for the upcoming season. Great player with the type of skill/build we might be looking to get since they don't know if Ebo will be granted a waiver.
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  3. Jacob Johnson

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    Congratulations to Shay for earning Central Texas player of the year:hookem:
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  4. Jacob Johnson

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    I really do think coach Harris could really develop her into a very good player. Hopefully Texas takes a look at her
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    Her stats weren’t great, but I’m sure she learned a lot at Oregon State, they do a very good job with their post players. A redshirt year could be huge for her. She sat behind Texas-native Taylor Jones last season.

    Elena Lovato began following her on Instagram.
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  6. Jacob Johnson

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    So looks like Texas is looking to get her because I looked on IG when I first got the news and she was not following her so this follow was within the hour. She definitely will be an interesting project and based on what I seen she definitely has the potential. It also seems very unlikely that she will be given a waiver to play immediately so that would be a huge redshirt year for her like you said
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  7. brnkj

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    IMO she is a textbook match for our staff... I'm hoping she sees the same thing. She would be a great get!
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  8. Moooooo

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    I'm all for improving our roster, and I'm glad to see Elena following this recent player who had decided to transfer from Oregon State.

    But, things are changing so much, and will continue to change.

    We have two scholarships open for the 2020-21 roster. But, if you add someone who won't be on the roster for only one season (like Kyra Lambert), then we lose that scholarship to offer to someone in the 2021, 2022, or 2023 seasons. Granted, we can't harp on the numbers too far in advance; so let's just assume for discussion that it only affects the 2021 signing class.

    Our 2021 class so far will consist of Rori and Aaliyah so far. Kyra's departure would count as one available 'ship, which means only one more addition for the 2021 class. If we add this transfer from OSU, then no more room for an additional 2021 recruit (like Kyndall Hunter), unless there is future attrition. I'm sure our coaches know more than me about the roster management and needs.

    Now, the proposal for a one-time transfer to be granted immediate eligibility has been put on the shelf until the following season. What if it gets approved for the 2021-22 season, and a playler like Rickea Jackson decides she wants to transfer from MSU to Texas? We don't have the room if we took on a "project" that had to sit out one season after transferring.

    I hate bringing up the topic if we don't have a hoops season in the Fall, but that is also more reason, IMO, to only add players (for the coming roster) who are for sure going to be eligible immediately, and arrive with the skills and talent to contribute on the court. Otherwise, filling up precious 'ships too quickly (for non-elite players) might not be the right approach at the moment.
  9. Jacob Johnson

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    Are those two scholarships counting Palmers departure because even before Palmer left we got 2 commitments in 2021 even though we only had 1 available scholarship so I don't know if someone is not on scholarship or whatever the case is but Elena Lovato did say they were looking for someone with size to add to the roster for the upcoming season. So if the numbers workout in the end and we can land someone like the player from Oregon state then I'm happy
  10. flash34

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    Well I am easily confused. It appears that Egbo, as well as the Oregon State transfer, would be only available 2021 and beyond. So if Lovato says we are looking for size in 2020, we are still looking. Has anybody seen any video of Patricia Morris? 6'-7" is a good start.
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  11. racerx5908

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    Refresh of current scholarship count:
  12. Jacob Johnson

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    Only video I could find and she has about 3 highlights in there but she is by no means as they call "goofy" she is very skilled and has tremendous potential. One year under the direction of coach Harris and she can for sure be a force.
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  13. flash34

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    The limited (3) plays in there, she looks like someone with potential and just needs time and development. OSHad a good team. Just wonder why she wasn’t playing? Anybody know how she was ranked coming out of high school? Hoopgurlz has taken years before 2020 down.
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  14. DFW_Horn

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    She was absolutely buried on the depth chart especially considering she was considered a high potential player - Oregon State has been stockpiling bigs the past 3 classes.

    As far as rankings go, a little trick I learned a while back: if ESPN has rolled the class off their page, just google the player name with ‘hoopgurlz’ to find their high school eval.

  15. flash34

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    Evaluation seems fair. thanks for the trick search DFW.
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  16. LonghornsWBB

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    Johnnie Harris has now began following her too.

    Seems their coach took her on as a project, but with some post players behind her, she wasn’t really going to get enough opportunity.

    In addition to basketball, she swam and played tennis in high school.

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  17. Jacob Johnson

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    On Instagram?
  18. Moooooo

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    I don't think Patricia has a twitter account, or at least not one I've come across.
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  19. DFW_Horn

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    Took the long way to get here but Deyona with the Horns up a few years ago. Based on the side by side, I’d say she’s a legit 6’ 3”.

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  20. xdxmmxchxxl

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    Patricia Morris has chosen TCU
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  21. Jacob Johnson

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    Dang it:brickwall: she would have done great under coach Harris. I'm honestly wondering about our post after Collier graduates because we have none. The staff is targeting some 2022 post such as lauren betts but she will need some time to adjust to college. So unless someone hits the portal I don't know who we have.
  22. DFW_Horn

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    She’ll get plenty of playing time but won’t be collecting any hardware.
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  23. flash34

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    I don’t know where that big will come from after Collier. However, Lauren Betts is the number one player in the country for 2022. If not getting Morris means we are ALL-IN on Betts then life could be extremely good if she comes to the good guys. I can handle a little adjustment time that fall.
  24. DFW_Horn

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  25. DFW_Horn

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    For freshman Texas guard Ashley Chevalier, there's seldom been a moment in her life without basketball.

    The Chevalier family is one that is bonded in the sport, where basketball isn't just a profession but a game that runs deep. Ashley's parents, Andre and Michelle Chevalier, grew up in the game, both going on to play collegiate basketball at Cal State Northridge. Now in Ashley's hometown of Chatsworth in Southern California, the two proud parents of a Texas Longhorn coach at Sierra Canyon High School and Pierce College, respectively.

    When asked if she ever thought of not playing the sport in spite of her parents' love for the game, Ashley laughed.

    "I really disliked basketball growing up. I wanted no part of it," she said. "My parents were always pretty good about not forcing it on me. My sisters played in college. Seeing that and their games really changed my perspective of it."

    Ashley's older sisters, Kim [Arizona State] and Gennifer [Cal], were the first to continue the basketball legacy of the Chevalier family, which Ashley later followed.

    Years apart, Ashley found her love for the game in sixth grade after watching her older sisters play competitively in college. Yet, aside from her sisters' legacies which initially sparked her passion for the game, Chevalier attributes her love for basketball to how it shaped her and her family as a unit. Basketball is the union that brings the Chevalier family together, growing closer through every game and practice.

    Chevalier inherited the "guard" gene from her parents. From her mom, she carries her game forward with the fundamentals and skillset that Michelle established as a guard. From her dad, Ashley's speed and agility are evident on the court.

    "I do a lot of things from both of them," Ashley said. "My dad had the finesse of my game. Both of my parents were point guards and they've fed me little things I've done."

    While the athleticism of the freshman are paralleled with that of Andre and Michelle, Ashley's knowledge of the game is heightened daily.

    As a kid, Ashley absorbed the wisdom and knowledge of the sport from being a coach's kid to not one, but to two coaches. Growing up immersed in and around the game taught her the qualities of what it takes to be a leader; qualities that epitomize who she is as a daughter and a basketball player.

    "You learn how to be a leader because you see how they lead their teams and you emulate that," she said. "How to be an extension of my coach on the court. I want to be that here with a new coach."

    At Texas, new head coach Vic Schaefer's women's basketball program brings renewed enthusiasm. The culture of family and hard work fuel Ashley's hunger to succeed. She is part of a program in which she believes winning a national championship is both possible and expected.

    "With Coach Schaefer and his staff, you can really feel how possible that is," she said.

    After her playing days, Ashley hopes to build on her family legacy by following in her parents' footsteps. She has interest in both being a sports broadcaster and a basketball coach. She knows she will benefit from her parents' experience as she pursues those careers.

    "If I can be half the coaches as them, I've fulfilled my legacy," she said.
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