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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, May 5, 2019.

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    To explain the obvious, if two GOP senators win GA while Biden (running as a moderate) won the state 2 months earlier, it’s clear the nation wants a moderate-led government. Whether that is moderate left or moderate right is still in question but moderate nonetheless.
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    There are no moderates in the Democrat House - I though that was obvious in 2010 when they needed every vote for Obamacare, and got every one, including many fake "Blue Dogs" from the South, who had won in 2006 or 2008 on a "moderate" promise.

    Now many of them lost their next race, but they moved into easy jobs on various Boards of Directors, College Regent Board, or teaching jobs at colleges where they only have to lecture and not do boring stuff like grade papers.

    The alternative to going against the party is not a Profile in Courage award or the media lauding you as putting Country Before Party!!!. It's a primary race against a well funded leftist who will either win, or drive off your party support so you'll loss the general election, then no cushy landing pad for you.

    Don't fall for the moderate Democrat lie - until and less the party leaders can't get something through they really want - which has yet to happen.
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    I agree with this in general, but keep in mind that House members are elected in single member districts. If you're Abigail Spanberger or someone like that, even if the Democrats win in Georgia, your appetite for going hard left isn't going to be very strong. Her district isn't Georgia. It's R+7, and she has only been able to win with extremely high Democratic turnout. The odds of her and others like her getting that post-Trump are very slim, regardless of what happens in Georgia.
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    The state of NY will lose House seats
    So there's that
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  5. Joe Fan

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    Other than that ....

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    Not being covered by the usual media types.
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    Warnock is not a member of that Orange Bully's party so he is a role model
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  9. mchammer

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    Mc, that tweet by Erickson just makes me think it’s more likely Dems will pull it off. Seems I’ve heard that story before.
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  14. Joe Fan

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  15. Joe Fan

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    Jawja gonna elect this guy?

  16. 4th_floor

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    I'm surprised that's still up on twit.
  17. Joe Fan

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    I believe this was the last outstanding House race

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  18. mchammer

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    I thought the one in NY is still in process.
  19. HornHuskerDad

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    Haven't seen a report yet concerning voter turnout in Georgia today - anyone have an idea?
  20. Seattle Husker

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    It's expected to be "high" and we all shouldn't expect to have winners announced tonight. This will carry out a bit.
  21. HornHuskerDad

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    ^Thanks for the update, Seattle Husker. From the reports I've seen, the consensus seems to be that a high turnout today will benefit the GOP candidates, just as early voting apparently benefitted the Democrats.
    I'm hoping for the GOP to win both seats. I shudder to think what kind of legislation could be jammed down our throats if the Dems control the White House, the House, and the Senate. A GOP Senate could at least put the brakes on the leftist agenda a bit.
  22. Seattle Husker

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    I've read the same and expect the R's to carry the seats. The key will be how many D's will show up on election day. You can count on R's showing up.

    With races so close (likely to be decided by <2%) expect the vote tallies to shift dramatically over the coming days. That shift is not endemic of "fraud" but expected based on how and where the votes are being tabulated.
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  23. bystander

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    The Senate MUST be a Republican majority. It's OBVIOUS that the Left wing extremists are making head-way and the only thing you can do is say no to them. There will be no negotiation with the likes of AOC and everyone who likes her. They are not here to negotiate.

    * They agree that looting is morally justified as reparations.
    * They agree on open borders.
    * They agree on forgiving student debt.
    * They agree on the hatred of white people.
    * They agree on reparations.
    * They agree on the modern monetary theory, meaning just print money.
    * They agree on judges and Presidents (through executive orders) making law.
    *They agree on political correctness, cancel culture and virtue signaling.

    This is far beyond racism. This is radicalism and they are driven by hatred. I don't understand how any rational person can support what is happening.

    It will be devastating for us if Georgia swings things the other way.
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  24. Joe Fan

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    Pretty much

  25. AustinHorn24

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    I'm calling both Senate races for the democrats. CNN won't call it yet, saying it's "too close" but they are just being overly cautious. If you look at the data, it's hard to see how the Repubs win this, despite the fact that they are currently leading.

    The Democrats are currently trailing by about 150,000 votes. However, Dekalb county is only 37% reporting and is going 80% to Warnock/Ossoff. That county alone is enough to offset all the red counties that are already finished counting.
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  26. HornHuskerDad

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    ^AustinHorn24, I sincerely hope you're wrong. The country would be in serious trouble if the Dems control the legislative and executive branches - there would be no checks to rein in their leftist agenda.
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  27. Seattle Husker

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    That's the most likely scenario based on what I'm reading, at least for Warnock. The votes outstanding to be counted are in heavy Democrat Counties. Ossoff is more 50/50 and will likely carry into waiting for 100% to be counted. It wouldn't have been close if DJT didn't do his thing.
  28. mchammer

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  29. AustinHorn24

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    Just as I suspected, the race has flipped.

    Warnock now leads Loeffler by 35k votes
    Ossoff is behind Perdue by only 2k votes

    That's with 95% counted, still some big democratic counties not fully reporting yet.

    I predict that within the next hour, Ossoff will pull ahead of Perdue and then it will be a lock for the Democrats.
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  30. Garmel

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    It might have made a difference. I don't know. However, it's not Mitch's fault. Both of our candidates finished strong with over 2.2 million votes and it would have been enough if we weren't dealing with these massive mail in ballots, which makes it easier to commit fraud. Kemp allowed all of this **** to happen and broke Georgia election laws to do it.
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