2021-2022 Season

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Moooooo

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    Two? Ketara was not a coach at Texas.
  2. Jacob Johnson

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    You're right I was more speaking of needing two replacements in general
  3. Moooooo

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    Well, Katie Faulkner won't be leaving the Oregon State coaching staff for a job at Texas . . .

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  4. Moooooo

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    Very surprised Vic has not yet hired a replacement for Johnnie Harris.

    Wonder if we could land Baylor's Bill Brock . . .

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    BALL IS LIFE 250+ Posts

    That would be an excellent choice for Vic if Baylor doesn’t work out for Bill.
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  6. utfannforlife

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    Wouldn't be opposed to the choice, but still keep coming back to the point that Vic has never hired a male assistant.
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  7. brnkj

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    Come to think of it, I don't recall Geno ever having one either.
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  8. DFW_Horn

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  10. CreakyHorn

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    So, hey y'all - while we're in this lull, would love to see an updated spreadsheet of who will be here year to year. Also, who do we think will be starting next fall? Joanne, Lauren, Audrey, Ashley, Deyona? Which of the freshmen come off the bench? When do we think we think Kyndall, Rori, Aliyah push to start? How and when will the Juco transfers contribute?
  11. Jacob Johnson

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    Texas Women's Basketball Recruiting | WBB Blog
    Updated spreadsheet, we have two open for this upcoming season and three for the 22-23 season
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  12. flash34

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    In ESPNW today they listed the top 25 players for this upcoming season. No Texas players. Realizing we had Collier this past season, but it is super important in tournament time to have a top player. Smith of Baylor is rated No.1. Texas has some real nice talent this next year, although a lot of it is young. Perhaps one of these players will elevate to be in the top 25 discussion before the season ends. It sure would be nice to recruit a high school player or transfer that will be immediately in those discussions. Fudd is there so freshmen can make that. Perhaps ?
  13. Jacob Johnson

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    Does anyone know if Lambert wants to pursue a basketball career possibly overseas?? I follow a trainer on Instagram who trains a lot of Texas players on the men's and women's side and I see Lambert is there training almost everyday.

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