2021-2022 Season

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Ellis21d

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    I believe that’s Jazzman Holmes, the grad manager and Calamity!
  2. DFW_Horn

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    Pretty sure that’s Dionnah not Jazz (now the coordinator of player development).
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  3. Jacob Johnson

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    Based on photos I have seen from practice thus far, Kobe still has not made it to Austin. Not sure what's going on there or if she is expected to arrive at a later date or arrive at all.
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  4. DFW_Horn

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    Ashley, DeYona, Precious, Rori and Aaliyah…

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  5. Jacob Johnson

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    Rori, Ashley, Joanne, and Aliyah running against some heavy hitters such as Sug Sutton, NaLyssa Smith, Kyra Lambert, and Japreece Dean.
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  6. DFW_Horn

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    From TheNext:

    TEXAS LONGHORNS (Big 12 Conference)

    In his first season in Austin, Vic Schafer molded his team to peak at the right time, finishing 20-10 and an appearance in the Elite 8. It does not hurt that he had the No. 1 overall WNBA Draft pick, Charli Collier, on the block and experience on the roster. 5’9 grad transfer Kyra Lambert stepped up late in the season, dropping 23 against Iowa State in the Big 12 Tournament and coming up with clutch plays in the Sweet 16 vs UCLA. Sophomore Celeste Taylor played 32 minutes a game, led the Longhorns in steals and averaged 12.3 points per game. She entered her name into the portal and is headed to Duke. So, what’s next?

    Texas brings back a roster that can thrive in Schafer’s system, with battle-tested juniors Joanne Allen-Taylor, Audrey Warner and Lauren Ebo and younger players who will earn more playing time. They secured the No. 4 ranked recruiting class in the nation with three top-20 ranked high school players and 2 No. 1 ranked JUCO prospects headed to campus. Coaches love familiarity and 5’7 junior guard Aliyah Matharu, who was recruited by and played one year for Schafer at Mississippi State, is a great addition to their roster. Matharu averaged 10.2 points a game last season in the SEC and has three-point range, international experience and was a 5-star recruit out of Washington D.C.

    With a more traditional off-season where the Longhorns can work together again, this new look roster will be prepared for the challenges ahead.

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  7. DFW_Horn

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    The delay in replacing Johnnie notwithstanding, I’ve been more than a little annoyed by the lack of new content/updates on the Texas WBB webpage. Although it’s probably the email equivalent of shouting into a void, I sent the message below this morning:

    I’ve noticed there hasn’t been any new content on Women's Basketball since early May. For a program trying to build off the momentum of an Elite 8 appearance and with the Moody arena coming up, keeping the fans engaged would probably be a good idea. Stories and video about returning players, getting to know incoming freshmen/transfers and glimpses into summer workouts would be good opportunities to keep the program from projecting a sense of stagnation.
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  8. LutherIsMyDog

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    Thanks for your efforts. All other UT sports programs are pumping out interesting and engaging content weekly (if not daily). TxWBB is lagging. Hopefully, this will change as the new hires get their footing.

    My memory may be fuzzy but it seems there was more content last summer --even though Vic & Co were recently hired and we were in a COVID lockdown.
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  9. 512HornsUp

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    Totally agree and more of us should send the following as well. There is absolutely zero excuses as to why the women’s program can’t have content regularly pumped out.

    Let’s freaking gooooooo! Stoked about the new hire though
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  10. Jacob Johnson

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    I remember the men's basketball coach saying the social media content has been lacking these past few months and that's going to change as it has drastically. They are already showing practice footage and engaging content. I think the women's team will do the same fairly soon once everything gets settled. Even if the social media team does not, our new post coach does so a bunch on Instagram so I'd suggest giving her a follow and get ready for content :hookem::hookem:
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  11. brnkj

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  12. UTexRulz23

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  13. Jacob Johnson

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  14. Sangre Naranjada

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    9 seed my (used to be) skinny white ***!
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  15. flash34

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    If I was a betting man, I’d mortgage the house and sell my wife’s Peleton and go ALL-IN on that little projection error. I’m thinking more like a 4 seed.....or better.
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  16. Jacob Johnson

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    Anyone heard anything about Kobe?? I see her Instagram and see she is working out and training but I have no idea where.
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  17. racerx5908

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    Not about this year, but this is about a former walk-on from the tennis team that Gail G. convinced to walkon her senior year. I remember her as very skinny and nimble (because of her tennis skills I suppose).
    Sarah Lancaster - Her Different Path to Top-Level Running
    She's made it to the semi-finals of the 1500m Olympic qualifier
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  18. LutherIsMyDog

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    Kobe has arrived
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