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    And that , Orangesho, is what they claimed when they left.
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    re: Sanders (maybe the top player in state)
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    JD Coffey, the Kennedale 2021 safety, is also hearing from other programs, notably Oregon.
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    If I were a 4 or 5 star recruit these would be my main criteria for choosing a school in order:
    5) degree
    4) coaches
    3) reputation of school
    2) school location
    1) playing time
    I also considered girls but every college has cute/good looking girls.
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    Humidor on Regis

    La Porte defensive tackle Albert Regis is set to decide Saturday. The feeling heading into Friday is that (aggy) has surged due to the work of Terry Price, and that if (aggy) continue to have a committable offer today — they are trending to be the pick. Texas defensive tackles Coach Mark Hagen has done a solid job recruiting Regis, but he and Price have come at it from different angles. Hagen has worked the La Porte head coach and Regis and family members. Price hasn’t had much contact with the La Porte staff in recent weeks, but has remained in contact with Regis and family consistently.

    One person close to Regis’ recruitment shared that he’s worried that there could be a head coaching change in the future among his two lead choices - Texas and (aggy). But Regis and people very close to him know that classes are filling up at his position, so he doesn’t necessarily have until December to make his decision. Regis isn’t one that sits on the couch on Saturdays and watches a lot of college football. His decision to announce around noon Saturday had nothing to do with the Texas-OU or (aggy)-Florida games, but around a team meeting at La Porte High School in which he could announce in front of his teammates, coaches, and family.

    Albert Regis from La Porte, he’s just not playing DL the way you play it at the next level. He stands straight up and plays like a LB at the LOS. Still good feet for a big man. Just needs technique and coaching. Good thing on Regis is he’s a very good young man and he also loves football. Hope he take to the coaching he gets and corrects how he plays at the HS level.

    Buuut, some say now that Regis has gained weight, he does move with the same quickness

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    aggy also leads for Shemar Turner
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    <Clears throat> Ahem, 5-stars and high 4-stars want "get me drafted high" and that's probably #1
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    Unless your girl is going to that school then suddenly that jumps to #1.
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    Regis to aggy
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    This class isn't going to end well, need to make a change now.
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    Aggie beat #4 Florida. What could you expect.Gonna get worse before it gets better.
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    He committed during that game, when aggy was losing
    They say he doesnt usually watch college games
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    Quickly replacing Herman with Meyer might be able to save recruiting
    He would even probably be able to add a few big names
    Other than that, I dont know

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    No doubt this is a critical moment for the program. 2-2 and a loss to an average OU team (by their standards). Too much turmoil and the fans confidence in TH is openly waning. We're going to lose Sam.

    Hiring Meyer would upset a lot of pure blooded, ethical, honest people. I suppose this is about the identity of the program. Is it all about winning or is it accepting a notch below that so everyone can sleep at night?
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    This attitude about winning football will always doom the Texas Longhorns football team forever. This pure blood belief system is why DKR was an aberration and Mack showed how “good guys” can pull in the talent and win 1 National Championship and 2 conference titles in 16 years while the likes of Saban/Meyer/Stoops/etc would have dominated college football with that talent. It’s why I’m for Tom. It really doesn’t get any better for Texas. Until the holier than thou attitude goes by the wayside.
  18. Joe Fan

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    And they may be right
    But we have reached the point of desperation
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    There is a 3rd option
    Accept that we are going to lose but have fun doing it
    Hire the Pirate instead
    The Abe Lemons of CFB
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    The draft issues have something to do with luck.

    Here are some recent decommits:
    A’Shawn Robinson
    R. Moore
    Quentin Johnson

    Recent transfers:
    Jordan Elliot

    Recent misses:
    CeeDee lamb
    Garrett Wilson
    T. Marshall
    Walker Little
    Marvin Wilson
    B. Browning
    Kenneth Murray

    Recent injuries:
    D. Brown
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    I disagree with luck in that none of the close calls or decommits were ever coming to Texas.

    Either as tribute to a rich program (hey I got invited to Texas) or a way to hold the treat out to UT fans as "hey maybe I'll come there" only to go to an arch rival.
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    I tend to fall on your side

    But if Saban had come here, we might not have lost any of them
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    But if little Billie Powers hadn't ****** up Saban coming here, we might not have lost any if them

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  24. Joe Fan

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    Does not sound good with RB LJ Johnson
  25. Badass

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    This OU team is bad, not average. They benched their QB. This was supposed to be our year. Hence the reaction by our fan base
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    Because Joe Jamail wouldn't let his boy Mack get canned. Saban got skittish and opted out.
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    Heard Bowman recommitted.
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    Smells like aggy
  29. mchammer

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    Probably because he knows half the receivers will be gone next year. My guess is the troublemakers will be leaving after the season. Just can’t say it yet.
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  30. SabreHorn

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    I believe that if Herman, the puppets, & puppet masters leave before December 15, CDC gets a $50 million Christmas present

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