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  1. Denmark

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    :facepalm::lmao:nuts in Texas too
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    How about that?
    Sort of a Moneyball attempt at taking advantage of this year's system. Will it work?

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    I heard an ex-NFL player discussing this. He said nothing against individual Juco players or transfers as some are good guys, but expect a lot of off the field issues because in general these are the "really hard guys" in the NFL. Of course we seen some of this already with some of the degenerates Art Briles accepted into Baylor.
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    This year is different, like no other
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    So why the setup by Campbell Magazine? Impressionable 18 year olds repeat what they hear, and to include crap spewed by Urban Meyer on national tv about Texas. Yes, Texas has been under performing and this trash rag takes a shot to kick them while they are down. Why conduct such a damning survey? You have a big nose. We all can see it. Let’ do a survey for all to acknowledge how ugly your f - - -ing nose is. For what reason did these a - - hats conjure up this damning survey? My Longhorn family will talk our business within our fraternal bonds, but outsiders
    like these can go pound sand.

    There was a time when I could not wait for this rag to hit the street. That all stopped 30 years ago. It is political crap like so much other fraudulent outlets in the media. I have a gas starter in my fireplace and so I don’t even need their magazine for that. Now if I had an outhouse......?
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  6. RainH2burntO

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    You are spot on, Chin. Now I feel bad for even linking it.
    Like many things these days, while there is some truth in and basis for the idea, the propagating of the idea and resulting perception becomes more profound and consequential than the initial and actual reality. Objective and rational analysis are lost. Our minds are too lazy.
    As for our situation and this specifically...The problem is we have given them fodder and fuel for the fire that now has been fanned a bit out of control.
  7. everette

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    Maybe Texas Football needs some competition. I've been thinking about never buying it again for years. I think I'll even sell off my collection which dates back to 1967.
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  8. dukesteer

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    Or maybe they look silly very soon when...

    we surprise on the field this fall,

    we land a Top 3 class in December,

    we win it all within 2 years.
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  9. Joe Fan

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    Alabama LB Ben Davis (6'4,237) to the portal
    I think Bo Davis was his primary recruiter while at Bama
    He was the #1 ILB back in 2016, but played at OLB
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  10. Joe Fan

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    Bobby Burton's personal rankings of the 2021s

    ".... as much as anyone tries to combine varying opinions into a single bite of content, the more individuality is taken away and the nuance of a single expert’s feelings are diminished. That’s why I’ve always published my own rankings on a Texas recruiting class and its commitments after signing day. Keep in mind, I don’t feel like my ratings are better than others, just that they are my own. Through the years, I’ve been really right on some players and really wrong on others.

    1. DL, David Abiara, Mansfield Legacy
    2. TE, Ja’Tavion Sanders, Denton Ryan
    3. CB, Ishmael Ibraheem, Dallas Kimball
    4. RB, Jonathon Brooks, Halletsville
    5. WR, Jaden Alexis, Pompano Beach (Fla.) Monarch
    6. S, JD Coffey, Kennedale
    7. DB, Jamier Johnson, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir
    8. LB, Terrance Cooks, Pearland Shadow Creek
    9. P, Isaac Pearson, Pro-Kick Australia
    10. DL, Byron Murphy, DeSoto
    11. TE-HBack, Juan Davis, Everman
    12. DL, Barryn Sorrell, New Orleans Holy Cross
    13. WR, Keithron Lee, Bryan Rudder
    14. WR, Casey Cain, New Orleans Easton
    15. LB, Morice Blackwell, Arlington Martin
    16. DL, Derrick Harris Jr., New Caney
    17. DL, Jordon Thomas, Port Arthur Memorial
    18. QB, Charles Wright, Austin High
    19. OL, Max Merrill, Houston Strake Jesuit
    20. TE, Gunnar Helm, Englewood (Colo.) Cherry Creek
    21. OL, Hayden Connor, Katy Taylor

    - I went with Abiara over Sanders. I think Sanders is a special talent on D. I think he’s very good on O.
    - I think Ibraheem was the top cover guy based on potential in the state. He has a ton of upside.
    - I’m not sure Jonathan Brooks will be an answer at RB. But I think he was one of the state’s top athletes. I actually think he might be a perfect Big 12 LB prospect but he’s obviously not going to start off there.
    - I look for guys who have a single trait that they can rely on at the college level, a trait that makes them different. Alexis has elite speed.
    - Coffey may be the most productive player of the entire group. But he’s a tweener for me because he lacks top-end speed. He’s a Chris Brown type.
    - Johnson has to prove he can play corner at the college level. Like Ibraheem, he has terrific arm length but he plays more like a safety.
    - I like Juan Davis a bunch. I’m intrigued to figure out where Texas finds a place for him. I hope he’s not a tweener size-wise wherever he ends up.
    - If Lee were to decide he wanted to be a corner, he’d be a top 5 guy in the class for me.
    - Yes, I thought OL recruiting overall was just that bad. It’s not that I think either Merrill or Connor are wasted scholarships or anything like that. It’s just that, for their positions, they were simply way down the line compared to others available in state.
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  11. mchammer

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    I would be worried about OL long term but we have Bama’s OL coach. Apparently we will fill new QB, RB, WR, and TE positions quickly, but the issue is how quickly on OL.
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  12. Joe Fan

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    I worry about the OL and DL. We must clean up in 2022
    Seems like there are enough skills players to go around
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  13. Pomspoms

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    I liked the fact you put out this list.
    I was surprised by your number one choice I didn't know he was that good.
    Brooks would definitely be a great linebacker with his speed. I like the idea. But does he have that linebacker mentality. He could make a lot of money in the NFL as a linebacker.
    I didn't know that Alexis had Elite Speed, good to know. Looks like we are going to have some very fast and Elite receivers especially starting in 22. It's all coming together.
    Now if we can get the horses on the offensive line.:deadhorse:
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  14. Joe Fan

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    Another 2022 DE prospect we may offer soon is Michael Ibulun-Okeyode from Rowlett
  15. RainH2burntO

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    Oline oline oline
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    and Dline Dline Dline.....
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  17. Pomspoms

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  18. Joe Fan

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  20. Joe Fan

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    QB Cade Klubnik says we are still on him

    I’m still taking my time and learning a lot more about schools every day. I would say North Carolina, Florida and then Texas pretty hard and then Clemson, too.”
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  22. Joe Fan

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  23. Sheldon Cooper

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    We need anyone thqt can help us, and we need help on the Oline. From the looks of it, as of right now we are going into 2021 season with 14 offensive linemen. We should always have 18 in the system.
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  24. Joe Fan

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    We did offer Buford back in 2019
    Here was his recruiting profile
  25. p_town_horn

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    A new Alabama LM in the portal. Former 5* with some speed.

    247 Link
  26. Joe Fan

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    We offered him when he came out too

    He had committed to Coach PK at Washington before getting released from his LOI and going to Bama
    Here was Satan at the time --
    If a guy doesn’t get admitted to a school he’s signed to go to, then he gets an opportunity to go someplace else,” Saban said. “He can get a release, or he can choose to try to get eligible over time, but not be able to enroll in school. As I understand it, he was unable to get into school for academic reasons because of their institutional policies, not because of NCAA rules. He could get into school at most other institutions, so he had opportunities to go other places. He didn’t want to sit out and try to take other classes so he could go to the school he signed at.

    He recently started following both Carrington and Langi

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  27. Joe Fan

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  28. X Misn Tx

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    I hope he has the grades to transfer. If he couldn't get admitted to the Dub
  29. Joe Fan

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    It might have been a DuVonta Lampkins spanish class story
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  30. beijinghorn1

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    Whenever I see a post here I think, dam has another little UT player transferred. Not knowing their roster, I got to think that they will be absolutely horrible next year.

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