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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, May 7, 2018.

  1. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    So, how about that time you tackled Earl Campbell??

    Glad that heart of yours is still cranking it out all these years later.
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  2. FloMoHorn

    FloMoHorn First Time Poster

    Did anyone mention DJ Monroe? He was a rocket.
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  3. moondog_LFZ

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  4. Handler

    Handler 500+ Posts

    Did we get the LB from USC yet?
  5. cnb

    cnb 1,000+ Posts

    TFB reported today that Texas has been informed by USC transfer LB Palaie Gaoteote that he won't be moving to Austin.

    He is now expected to pick Ohio State.

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  6. longhornlegend

    longhornlegend 250+ Posts

    Thats a shame. Hope we are able to prove UT is headed in the right direction this fall and more pieces will fall into place! Its 8am and OU still sucks!
  7. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

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  8. Badass

    Badass 2,500+ Posts

    deep dive on what Xavier brings to the table ...

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  9. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    Saw a report 'horns are interested in former LSU QB TJ Finley.
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  10. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Great talent, but not sure why Sark would want to muddy the QB picture with him and the future recruiting.

    One original report of Finley & the Horns came out of Sports Illustrated, which can mean the story has all the legs of a catfish.
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  11. HornHuskerDad

    HornHuskerDad 5,000+ Posts

    ^Sabrehorn, that was my thought, also. There is talent in the QB room at Texas - and the potential for some great recruiting of QBs. Why would Sark be interested?
  12. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    The question is which family member/friend indicated that Texas was interested? The only reason for Sark to be interested is for an experienced guy in the event the Texas starter is knocked out early in the season.
  13. 22Horn

    22Horn 500+ Posts

    Whoever starts we are in good shape even if 'a qb is knocked out'

    that is something that all teams have to deal with every year.
  14. DKRoyal fan

    DKRoyal fan 25+ Posts

    This type scenario always reminds me of the '77 Horns. Number 1 and 2 QB's go down in the OU game, and Randy McEachern comes in and the 'Horns go on undefeated in the OU game and through the next 7 games of the regular season. And, by the way, end up #4 in the nation.

    You need 3 quality QBs if you can get them, IMHO.
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  15. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Or he knows one might be leaving,
  16. Badass

    Badass 2,500+ Posts

    If I recall, major Applewhite was 3rd team, and became the starter because of injuries in one weekend
  17. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Dude, where's my laptop?

    It helps if you have Earl in your backfield.
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  18. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Dude, where's my laptop?

    Applewhite had Ricky in the backfield.

    3rd teamers are usually 3rd teamers for a reason.
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  19. Vino Bevo

    Vino Bevo Wine - how classy people get drunk

    and (insert 3rd QB name) has Bijan in the backfield...

    Not saying I wouldn't like a third quarterback in the room (we do actually with Wright and Ballard) so if he came then great, but I think the focus is, and should be, the class of '22 and beyond.
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  20. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Maybe

    And was better than Simms
    I will fight you
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  21. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    When healthy.
  22. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    Are you saying you will fight when healthy?
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  23. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    No, I was commenting on the subject.
  24. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    It was a joke!
  25. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    No joking allowed!!! I’m wound a little tight with a crazy amount of work right now with the economy coming out of covid.
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  26. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    TJ Finley commits to Auburn.
  27. X Misn Tx

    X Misn Tx 2,500+ Posts

    probably for the better
  28. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

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  29. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    Being reported Alabama transfer RB Keilan Robinson has committed to the 'horns.
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