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    A wrap to 2021 recruiting.

    Katie Cimusz (#12 Extra Innings / #39 FloSoftball / #28 Softball America), C, Atascocita, Texas
    Mya Holmes (#22 FloSoftball / #24 Extra Innings / #46 Softball America), OF, Texas City, Texas
    Ashton Maloney (#7 Extra Innings / #64 Softball America), OF, Kansas City, Missouri
    Sophia Simpson (#4 Extra Innings / #9 Softball America), P, Mount Belvieu Texas
    Mia Scott (#7 Extra Innings / #21 FloSoftball / #57 Softball America), IF, Angleton, Texas
    Vanessa Quiroga (#142 Softball America), Util, Corpus Christi, Texas

    Texas Official: Softball inks six players to its 2021 signing class - University of Texas Athletics
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    This is my favorite too. The coaches standing back and smiling ear to ear like they had anything at all to do with those players making it to college.
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    Barbers Hill is putting out a bunch of good female athletes. Charlie Collier from WBB is from there as well. Last years softball team had 5 division 1 pitcher on it.
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    Coach White and his staff have quietly put together an amazing class. The future of Texas Softball could not be in better hands. I cant wait for the season to start (Hopefully a return visit to Houston) ...Hook em!!
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    I love Mike White. He is successful because he is deeply involved in every aspect of the program including the recruiting process. At various times over the last couple years I've mentioned him being at dang near every tournament my daughter played in. He really wanted our pitcher and probably attended 10 games that fall trying to get her to switch her commitment from Colorado State. He didn't send assistants to get the players he wants, he does it himself.

    I never once saw Connie at a single tournament. I rarely saw UT staff in general at tournaments when she was coach.
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