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    I’ll kick off the 2021 Recruiting thread with the introduction of a couple of Freshmen who play for Cypress Creek. Kyndall Hunter and Rori Harmon are “phenoms” who both started for Cypress Creek this year as Freshmen. They helped lead their team to the State playoffs before being defeated by Plano (Lolo Davenport and Jordyn Merritt). In the playoff game with Plano, Rori Harmon led all scorers with 23 points.

    Rori made the TABC Girls’ 6A All State Team. She was the only Freshman to make the All-State Team across all classifications. Rori Harmon is a 5’6” Guard, and Kyndall Hunter is a 5’8” Guard. Although it's too early to know if they favor any specific colleges, our coaches do follow them on Twitter.

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    2021!!! Guess it is time. The highlights look exceptional. I’ll bet we see them at State real soon.
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    Coach George watched the practice of 5'10 G, Peyton Andrews out of Norman, Oklahoma:

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    Here's another upcoming super recruit from Oklahoma. 6'2 Aaliyah Moore from Moore Oklahoma. Her highlights are impressive. She certainly does not look like a freshmen. Too early to know if Texas has interest in her (but we should).

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    Quick take on 2021 class:

    Amari Deberry- is without a question the best in her class and after this weekend I would argue she is top five post in the country regardless of age. She’s that good and only 14, she will be a star on the college and pro level. She is so fundamentally sound, does a lot of little things right that you may not notice if your not looking for it for example very few bigs if any these days keep the ball high when they rebound or receive a pass. She can bang down low, run the floor in transition, step out and hit a mid range or even the three. She has a bevy of post moves. She’s big time

    Azzi Fudd- if Deberry is 1 then she is 1b. She is the best guard in her class also like Deberry one of the best in her position regardless of age. She has filled out with muscle and knows how to use it. Makes all the right reads, makes the right pass, can score on all three levels.
    Great ball handler as well as a great on ball defender. She too is a star in waiting
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    Boom! It's way early but we offered Aaliyah Moore. I just posted about her on Saturday. Check out her Hudl video linked in my post above. She's only a Freshman.

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    I recall that Gabrielle Mattox played at Texas for one season. I believe she is a head coach somewhere nearby:

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    I think when Texas offered Aaliyah Moore a couple of weeks ago, it shined a spotlight on her. She's now received about 5 offers since we offered. She's a freshman phenom and she'll continue to get a lot of attention.

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