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    Nice to see those pancakes in pass pro, even the competition is not his caliber. We need some bullies in the trenches on both sides. I've said it before, channel Studdard and Seidlien (sp?).
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  2. rick mueller

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    Nice to be competing for recruits with the tide and kitty cats again.
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  3. Joe Fan

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    Mike Roach on Dewberry --

    I feel that Texas is continuing to make a strong impression on Atascocita's four-star offensive lineman Kam Dewberry. I was told that he spoke with Kyle Flood tonight and Flood has totally flipped the script on how he views the Longhorns. Coming into the year, Dewberry just didn't feel like a priority for Texas and wasn't hearing a lot from Tom Herman or Herb Hand. Flood has been a breath of fresh air in the recruitment and Sarkisian is involved contacting him "once or twice a week" according to a source I spoke with. Nobody is at the very top for him, but Texas seems to be moving from the back of the pack toward the very top.
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  4. Joe Fan

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    On Denver Harris
    -- Roach thinks its Texas vs. aggy (closeness matters)
    -- But IT thinks it Texas v. Bama
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    Yeah, I don't miss the recruiting battles against Texas State and Houston Baptist...
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  7. Joe Fan

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    Some of those guys will be on the roster a few more seasons
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    This is just a sad statement of just how far Texas has fallen. Someone will help salvage TH career but he will be hard pressed to ever have a Power 5 head coaching job again and rightfully so!!!
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    I am not so sure he will get another chance at a power 5 job. He is really disliked by many. Tom Herman Is The Biggest Jackass In College Football (thebiglead.com)
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  10. Joe Fan

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    Tom is a flawed person. And apparently he is somehow completely unaware of his own shortcomings, which is not good.

    But .... my sense of this article is really more about the writer of it, who is desperately trying to bring attention to himself. He has zero ties to the Texas program.
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  11. cnb

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    Good news here

    IT reporting that OL Derek Kerstetter will be returning to Texas.
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    The guy writing this is oblivious to how many school president's and/or ADs are completely clueless. Add their overwhelming stupidity to the kickback money paid under the table to administrators, and Herman has a good chance of finding another job.

    I am grateful that we have not had to battle the kickback situation in Austin, but many schools have and still do. Between Billie Powers & Greg Fenves, we have had enough egomanical stupidity to last The University another 150 years.
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  13. Joe Fan

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    Roach on another potential 2022 WR from the Pylon 7v7 event
    Clemons has a laser-timed 4.37 and is either the #1 or #2 player in Oregon

    Darrius Clemons, WR, Portland (OR.) Westview
    Darrius Clemons was one of the most dominant players I saw during pool play on Saturday. A big-framed receiver with elite speed and quickness, Clemons made several highlight-reel plays for Grind Time out of the Portland area. Clemons did say he talked with Maalik Murphy recently and would love to hear from Texas.

    Darrius Clemons, Westview, Wide Receiver
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  14. Joe Fan

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    Gerry Hamilton has a story about about the must win head-to-head battles with have with certain schools for certain players. Here are some of those --

    Texas vs. Oklahoma
    S Bryan Allen Jr., Aledo The former LSU verbal is shaping up as a Longhorns vs. Sooners showdown with Texas A&M sitting third. Blake Gideon, Terry Joseph and staff have done a really good job here.

    OG Devon Campbell, Arlington Bowie This is a “must get” for the Longhorns. Campbell has been a Texas lean for a while, Kyle Flood and Jeff Banks have Texas positioned well, and an upset loss in this recruitment would likely send Campbell to Norman, or possibly LSU.

    WR Brenen Thompson, Spearman While there is some chatter the Sooners won’t have room for the versatile playmaker, let me say again that this is a prospect that runs 10.2-10.3 in the 100m. Programs find spots for difference making players, or difference making speed. The Longhorns are pushing as hard as they can. IT is not discounting other schools' chances, for the record.

    Texas vs. Texas A&M/LSU/Alabama
    CB Denver Harris, North Shore Harris’ top 4 was Texas vs. the SEC West recruiting powers, but is likely to end up a Texas vs. Alabama battle. One source believes Harris ends up closer to home, and one source says it’s 50-50 right now between the Longhorns and Nick Saban.

    DB Bryce Anderson, Beaumont West Brook Texas is trending here over Texas A&M. There is still work to be done to win out in a few weeks, but the entire Texas staff is pushing the correct buttons to this point.

    OT Kelvin Banks, Summer Creek Banks has gone from LSU over Texas A&M during the last half of the 2020 season, to a Texas vs. Texas A&M battle with LSU not being counted out. The offensive line coach relationship continues to be key here, and Kyle Flood has Texas ascending.

    WR Chris Marshall, Fort Bend Marshall This is heading towards a Texas vs. Texas A&M battle should both programs remain fully engaged. LSU is one of many others in the mix.

    Texas vs. Stanford/Notre Dame
    DE Ernest Cooper IV, Arlington Martin The 6-4, 235-pounder has Stanford remaining at the top of the list with Notre Dame, Texas and Texas A&M also very much in the mix. The Longhorns have some momentum at Martin High with teammates Morice Blackwell and now Trevell Johnson heading to Austin, but Cooper will make his own decision. This recruitment will be all about the Texas staff’s ability to win out on academics/football close to home vs. Stanford and possibly Notre Dame’s distance.
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  15. Joe Fan

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  16. Joe Fan

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    Rivals updated in-state 2022s (seems a little pro-aggy)
    1) Quinn Ewers
    4) Bear Alexander
    5) Denver Harris
    14) Kam Dewberry
    20) Devon Campbell
    35) Harold Perkins
    39) Conner Weigman
    40) Cade Klubnik
    42) Brenen Thompson
    43) Bryce Anderson
    52) Kelvin Banks
    53) Caleb Burton
    62) Jaydon Blue
    68) Omari Abor
    77) Evan Stewart
    96) Malick Sylla
    106) Jaray Bledsoe
    107) Armani Winfield
    123) Chace Biddle
    132) Terrance Brooks
    140) Tavorus Jones
    144) PJ Williams
    150) Neto Umeozulu
    162) Bryan Allen Jr
    169) Phaizon Wilson
    181) Jaylen Early
    188) Cameron Williams
    190) Donovan Green
    212) Jaylon Guilbeau
    218) Cole Hudson
    219) Bobby Taylor
    224) Ish Harris
    230) Jadarian Price

    Some out of staters --
    18) Kevin Coleman
    27) CJ Williams
    48) Maalik Murphy
    56) Earnest Greene
    69) Larry Turner-Gooden
    71) Niuafe Tuihalamaka
    117) Trevonte Citizen
    193) Malik Agbo
    211) Jacob Sexton
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    Is it iPhones tweets that keep using the "I love you" hand symbol instead of the hookem sign?

    My Samsung has it. What's up with the emoji?
  18. Joe Fan

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    Pretty sure he loves you
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  20. Joe Fan

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    Offer to ATH/TE/WR Arlis Boardingham from Van Nuys, Calif
    My guess is as a TE (since he tagged Banks)
    His current accurate measures are 6’3.5, 235

    At the Stack Sports Showcase (formerly The Opening), Boardingham not only had the best testing Rating in the camp at 116.43, it was the highest Rating at any of the five Showcase events throughout the country. He clocked a 4.71-40, 4.53 shuttle and jumped 36” in the vertical. ​

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  22. cnb

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    Allen on commit watch.
  23. Pomspoms

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    That's going to be hard to defend :yes:
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  24. Sheldon Cooper

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    Never fear, Rivals doesn't know their *** from a hole in the wall. I no longer look at the 247 composite because it includes Rivals ranking which I think screws up the rankings. I just look at ESPN and what 247 has people ranked.

    As far as I'm concerned Rivals is worthless.
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  25. Joe Fan

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    They bumped Conner Weigman above both Cade Klubnik and Maalik Murphy
    If you don't already know, can you guess where Wiegman is committed?

    39. Conner Weigman (aggy - up 31 spots)
    40. Cade Klubnik
    48. Maalik Murphy (Texas - down 3 spots)
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  26. Joe Fan

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    TFB on high 4-star Bryan Allen. I've been assuming he will be a safety but he has mentioned he wants a shot at CB

    I’ll go more in-depth tomorrow with a full story on my trip to Aledo. But, I feel very, very good about where Texas is standing in this recruitment.

    Suchomel of OB also strongly hinting this one looks good

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  27. Joe Fan

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    One of the other 4-star in-state safeties we are after is Bryce Anderson of Beaumont West Brook

    He now has 10 CBs total, 6 of them to Texas and those 6 are the most recent, all from this month and within the last 2 weeks

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  28. RainH2burntO

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    Rivals would flip that if he had committed here
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  29. Joe Fan

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    Since Jason Suchomel works at Orangebloods and OB is a Rivals site, their picks do not show up as CBs on the 247 site

    But they still make picks or futuecasts and Suchomel has put in recent picks for both Bryce Anderson and Connor Robertson to Texas
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  30. Joe Fan

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    If we put all this recent recruiting momentum in the secondary together, we could be looking at a DB class of

    CB -- B.Allen and D.Harris
    S -- B.Anderson (maybe K.Wilson*)
    Nickel -- J.Guilbeau

    Which would be outstanding

    * Kamari Wilson gives us a lot of attention on SM but its hard to tell if he is serious or whether he is just playing the SM game
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