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    IMO, with scholarships in short supply, the initial 2023 scholarships should be offered to true difference makers until the staff has more film on how a player/recruit is developing. Additionally, with the transfer portal as a tool, getting a quality player in the portal is a strong possibility in the off season. Coach Beard has assembled a top 10 team through the portal.

    With that said, Vic & Co. have been doing this a long time so they must see something they like with AB.
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    I was hoping that was going to be the case. But, on Instagram last week, Mendelson replied to someone that she she still has some official visits to take, and hopes to make a decision before Christmas. So, it doesn't sound like she'll be signing during the early November period which begins November 10.
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    Gisella Maul recently took a visit to Texas. She’s a 5’11 G from Cedar Park and is ranked #45 on ESPN Hoopgurlz.

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    Just watched her last night play against Austin high and she is elite to say the least. Needs to work on her ball handling and quickness but she is unstoppable when she makes a hesitation move and drives to the paint. I also love she plays hard the entire game and the exact style Vic wants. Would be a great pickup for us.
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    Yeah, Gisella Maul was one of the (local) players who I thought our coaching staff would pursue. But, it sure seems like our 2023 scholarships are going to be tight, with one already accounted for with 6'9 Abbie Boutilier.

    I believe Gisella was (maybe still is) part of the Cy-Fair club program that Moore and Hunter played in; so, she has relationships with several of our team.

    By my count, 2023 scholarship players are:

    Super Senior: Matharu (not a given she'd return)
    Seniors: Kobe, Femme, Gaston, Holle, Chevalier
    Juniors: Hunter, Harmon, Moore, Lattimore
    Soph: Codio, Ndjakalenga, Muhammad (and possibly Maggie Mendelson)
    Freshman: Boutilier

    So remaining 'ships (at the moment) range from 0 to 2 by my count.

    As talented as Maul is, she might not be a priority (based on need). Have to assume our coaching staff will be very selective on who they offer early. I would bet we offered Breya Cunningham already; we already offered 6'1 Madison Booker (MS) and PG Hannah Hidalgo (NJ). Sammie Wagner could be another.

    As much as I'd like to add Maul to our roster, I'm not seeing the numbers working out in her favor. It's good that she is another "long" wing who appears versatile enough to play both SG & SF; but, we're stacked there already.

    And, there's always a chance an elite transfer comes in and takes one of those 'ships.
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  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Cunningham has to be our top priority for that class. I’ll take her over any player in that class because a post player is our biggest need for 2023
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    So is Cunningham truly considering the Horns? I’m soft on her leanings.
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    I’ve gone back and see where we are in her final 8 and visited in October. Guess in today’s environment, and a lot of time left, that’s as good as cZn be expected. She apparently is a true center. I’m sure staff has pointed out Schaefer’s love for a true center.
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  9. Jacob Johnson

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    It’s going to be hard to pull her out of the pac 12. I personally think UCLA is going to be our biggest competitor but if anyone can do it it’s this staff especially with coach Aphil’s connection to the west coast. No other post coach in the country has as many connections or good rep than she does.
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    I’m not sure if her name has come up before but 6’ 7” Letycia Vasconcelos just transferred to Montverde Girls Academy. April Phillips liked the announcement tweet and Jordana can do some ‘cruitin’ now that they’re teammates. She is currently ranked #14 in the 2023 class and I saw her play a couple of games the U16 Brazil team - very promising prospect.

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  11. Moooooo

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    On the other hand . . . :e-thinking:

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    Based on what's listed on this website, I think you are counting too many scholarships for 2023. Matharu, Kobe and Femme are considered juniors this year so they will have graduated by 2023. So by my cont, there will be 3-4 scholarships available (based on if Mendelson commits).

    Texas Women's Basketball Recruiting - WBB Blog

    BTW: First time posting but have been following for a while. Glad to be apart of the community!
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    I'm actually going by the official Texas roster. Seems both our JUCO's are listed as sophomores even though this is their third year playing in the U.S. But there is always a chance they don't stay 3 years at Texas.

    2021-22 Women's Basketball Roster - University of Texas Athletics (texassports.com)
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    Unfortunately with the way the numbers are right now at the guard /wing position, unless there's some attrition she's probably a player that Texas isn't going to be able to take. And she'll probably go to a school like Arkansas and be an all conference caliber player.
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    That's pretty much what I posted the other day.

    But, if one or both of our JUCO's don't end up using their super-senior season of eligibility, the numbers get a little less tight. There might be a reason why they are listed as (second year) sophomores on the roster; or, it's not necessarily indicative that they are "expected" to stay through the 2023-24 season.
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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    Those are big numbers against serious competition.
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    Not sure about the rest of you, but I had kind of forgotten all about 6'3 Rylee Grays. Looks like she is no longer playing at a private school, but now at Pearland H.S. (DeYona's former high school).

    Looks like she's taken recent unofficial visits to SMU, OU, North Carolina, and NC State. Her twitter indicates she is being followed by Coach April, and vice verse.

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  19. longhorn47

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    I don't think that is Rylee in the video. Some of the replies on the tweet indicate that it is Ashlyn Watkins who just recently committed to Dawn Staley.
  21. Moooooo

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    My bad. I guess Rylee retweeted it, so I thought it was her. Rylee goes by "DunkingBeauty" on twitter, so I guess my 2 + 2 = 4 might have been presumptuous.
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  22. Moooooo

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    If Rori continues to impress, it's gonna be difficult to sign an elite PG from the 2023 senior class:

  23. Zig72

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    Possibly, but I'm just not certain that this is correct. None of us has experience with a mature, Vic Schaefer, Texas program. And we have very little prior experience with a perennial Top 10 program, which is Vic's objective.

    Texas breeds excellent point guards almost every year, and a select few national talents will want to play for a university that has a known, gritty culture, and has realistic Final Four expectations, even if it means playing a supportive role in year 1 or 2.

    I agree that 2023, Rori's Junior year, might be a stretch, but by 2024. I just like to remind people that things are different around here now.
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    Flower Mound is 10-0 with 3 players taller than 6’-3”. Boutilier and Maddie Cox lead. I’m thinking this is the last of the Cox sisters….or maybe not. Denton Guyer is 5-8 but typically is a good team. 63-52 so Boutilier with 24 is encouraging to increase her pedestrian metrics from last year. She may be “coming into her own” as she matures.
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  26. Zig72

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    When Abbie starts to show up on the Top 100 lists, as they come out for 2023, it will serve as validation that she has improved.

    Edit: I see she is ranked #93 on Jr All-Star, at 6'8, but I'm not very familiar with this service. Nonetheless, it is an encouraging sign.
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  27. DFW_Horn

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    ASGR’s 2023 recruiting rank currently is #15. Definitely need another big in this class.

    No. 15 Texas landed the biggest player (in terms of pure size) in the Class of 2023. That’s 6-9 Abbie Boutilier.

    “She’s still a project,’’ McCormick said. “She’s not there yet. But the good news is she has good footwork and soft hands and can be a true low-block player. If she picks up the rest of it, she’ll be a real force. But she’s not going to help much in her first year there.’’
  28. flash34

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    On Tuesday night, Boutilier had 6 points for Flower Mound. It was a blowout with lots of players getting minutes. She’s still a junior so lots of time to develop and mature her game.
  29. flash34

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    ESPNW, Hoopgulz doesn’t yet list her on their Super 60.
  30. DFW_Horn

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    Very nice to see Rylee Grays back on the 40 Acres…

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