2023 Softball Season

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 8, 2022.

  1. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Texas is NOT going to play in the Clearwater Invitational next year.
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  2. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Hawaii instead?
  3. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Probably Mexico
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  4. Moooooo

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    We used to play in a California and Arizona tourney each season it seemed. Not sure if playing in Florida last year conflicted with those other tourneys.
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  5. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Kicking off 2023 roster and potential position discussions:

    Incoming freshmen
    1) Leighann Goode - SS, O'Conner HS - San Antonio. 9/01/20
    2) Reese Atwood - C, Tuloso-Midway HS - Corpus Christi. 9/01/20
    3) Citlaly Gutierrez - P, Stamford HS - Stamford. 9/02/20
    4) Viviana Martinez - SS, Tolleson HS - Tolleson, AZ. 10/29/20
    5) Maddie Pomykalski - SS, Lincoln-Way East HS - Chicago ,IL. 5/05/21

    Departing Seniors/Super-Seniors
    1) Lauren Burke - sometimes clutch, sometimes drought. Team player throughout
    2) Janae Jefferson - greatest offensive player in Texas history (I consider Cat defensive)
    3) McKenzie Parker - not using her bonus COVID year. Had ups and downs on the infield and at the plate. Good teammate
    4) Hailey Dolcini - Carried the team on her back when all the other pitchers melted down. Wish she had transferred one year earlier
    5) Mary Iakopo - often clutch, sometimes facepalm.

    Transfers out/Transfers in - now that the season is over, I'm sure we'll be losing a few players as well as gaining a few.

    Position discussions to follow and you get to throw darts at my opinions!
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  6. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    My main want is at least two proven pitchers. I liked what I saw from Czech toward the end of the season so hopefully that Carries over.

    Also need to bring in some power to our lineup. I expect Martinez to get the 2nd base spot or move Washington to 2nd and Martinez at ss. A lot of possibilities so I’m excited for next season :hookem:
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  7. old65horn

    old65horn 1,000+ Posts

    I see a need to get a couple of gray hounds that can play outfield and hit. RF has been a trouble spot all year. Bella is a good OF, but I would like to see her in left.
    I want a CF who can fly.

    IF is solid if one of the incoming Freshman can play 2B or SS. Scott is solid at 3B and Washington can play 2B. Would love to get someone like Lyons at SS. SAhe was simply the best in the NCAA. Catcher? Smith is listed as a catcher/1B, I am sure Racer has thoughts here.

    I hope that Czek and Simpson stay and carry into next year the way they finished 2022 and we pick up a top transfer.

    Our recruiting should pick up because of our runner up finish this year
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  8. xdxmmxchxxl

    xdxmmxchxxl 250+ Posts

    Never realized we have three incoming shortstops… more players playing in and making errors at their non-natural positions.
  9. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    2023 Catchers:
    I hope she's all that as a catcher because her hitting just flat out disappeared in the second half of the season. And putting her out in the outfield just to get her dead bat at the plate? Mike? Mike! She's more successful at the pick throw to second because she's much more accurate than either Mary or JJ.

    Smith: Hot and cold hitter. She seems to have a problem holding onto the ball after successfully catching a pitch. I thought it was an anomaly her freshman year, but the few times she caught she was still letting balls dribble out of her mitt. Did decent at first, with just a few mental errors. But short for a 1st baseman.

    Atwood: Ranked #5 in Extra Inning's Extra Elite 100 rankings. Article about her: Extra Star Power: Texas Signee Reese Atwood... "Challenges I Faced Through Softball Shaped Me Into The Person I Am Today" - Extra Inning Softball

    I say it's Cimusz's job with Atwood given a taste and Smith rotating in on double-header games.
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  10. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    First base:
    Someone tall who can hit, please

    Smith: She's made some mental and boxscore errors. Is she a great 1st? No. And her inconsistent batting might not giver her a starting spot.

    Holmes: One of those head-scratching decisions of Mike when we're way ahead or vastly behind a team, sending up Homes to PH. She's 0 for 12 with 5 strikeouts. But, she's tall! Well, she looks tall! Smith is 5'10" and she looks short whereas Holmes is 5'11" and she looks tall. She falls into the "Jordyn Whitaker - what does Mike see in hitting practice that has him use her?"

    Quiroga: Just a few games played and just like Holmes not much tape to look at. She is, however hitting better than Holmes. 1 for 10.

    Some future freshman:
    Who is tall and can hit (consistently). Please
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Ever the optimist...
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  12. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Below is a spreadsheet of the overall statistics for the 2022 softball team. There has been some excellent discussion about the make up of the infield looking forward to our incoming freshman class.
    Errors 2022 season:
    Mia Scott - 18
    Alyssa Washington - 10
    Janae Jefferson - 10
    I know third is the hot spot but Mia had a lot of throwing errors during the season. Mia will have to be in the line up somewhere but we could sure use an upgrade at third. We have 2 very highly touted infielders coming in next year with Leighanne Goode and Martinez and they could make an immediate impact on our infield. Sure is fun to speculate.
  13. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Mia is one of my favorite newcomers because of her vertical speed towards the ball on bunts or slow balls to the gap. The thing I found unique to her is that she scoops up the ball and keeps running while throwing the ball to first. Most players will stop, set themselves and then make the toss. Now yes, the throwing on the run is bound to cause errors in themselves. But the number of times she's been successful seems to make it worth it.
    However. Her lateral speed is just average. And ball handling of balls thrown to her is average.
    Move her to short or second? No, then you waste that vertical speed she offers. Outfield? Maybe.
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  14. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    @NBhornfan I know Goode is legit and has a great arm but her bat needs some work. How is Martinez at the plate and defensively? Do you think she could come in and snag the starting spot at 2nd or SS?
  15. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Wasn't Martinez rated the #1 shortstop at some point? I know since she's in AZ that we don't hear much about her HS/club performance.
  16. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    I believe she still is. She’s a top 3-5 recruit depending on which ranking outlet you look at.
  17. NBhornfan

    NBhornfan 250+ Posts

    Sorry been off the grid. Martinez is offensively ready for college, not sure about defense but would assume she would be the starting 2B. Goode is an elite defender at almost every position. 5 tool player for sure not sure her bat is ready but could see her challenging at SS with Washington.

    Atwood is defense ready, last I had seen didnt think the swing was but has some potential. Will remind you a little of Aubree Monroe from Florida and the National team.
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  18. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Okay, I don't want to turn the softball transfer link into a discussion about next year's Texas pitching so I'll kick it out here.

    We know we need an experienced pitcher to come in, ala Molly and Hailey. I've seen people say we need TWO, a lefty and a righty. Let me go with one:

    1. Senior/Grad - Transfer Pitcher, Lefty?
    2. Czech - Lefty
    3. Simpson - Righty
    4. O'Leary - Righty
    5. Gutierrez - Righty
    6. Hulon - Righty

    Looks like we need a transfer lefty.

    Hulon we know is a 1-2 inning middle or closer.
    Simpson....errr....7 innings or 1 innings. You don't know that day
    Czech can last between 5-7 innings, depending on her confidence level
    O'Leary? Hurt in December, never got back into form.

    6 pitchers? 7 pitchers!?
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  19. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Do you really think O’Leary will return next year? I was hoping not. She’s seen her best day and she’s not athletic enough to field a bunt. We could use her spot on the roster on a much better transfer pitcher.
  20. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    I had postulated that O'Leary wouldn't be coming back due her participating in senior day events. However, responded emphatically that they knew the family and O'Leary would be definitely coming back. She's always liked Texas, still coming here after Connie was let go.

    Record has been:
    2019: 14-3, 0.65 (!)
    2020: 6-0, 1.97 (COVID)
    2021: 16-6, 1.82
    2022: 1-4, 6.04

    She was going to be the ONE this year! Until she wasn't.
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  21. NBhornfan

    NBhornfan 250+ Posts

    If O'leary can return to form we are in a good spot but still would want a transfer. If sophia simpson can develop a good rise ball she could be real good.
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  22. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Agree if O’Leary can come back from the mystery “freak” injury that Mike White said she had she could be an asset to the team.
    As a freshman You never knew which Simpson you were going to get when she was sent to the the mound? The Arky Simpson or the Simpson caught in the head lights.
    I’m not high on Hulon ever making a big contribution. She just doesn’t have an elite arm!
    Czech is going to be a star. But other teams seem to figure her out after a few bats against her.
    Who knows about Gutierrez. She’s got heat but it will be interesting to see her against D1 talent.
  23. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

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  24. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

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  25. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Anyone find any eventual reason they gave for firing the last staff?
  26. NBhornfan

    NBhornfan 250+ Posts

    Thats a good hire. Could steal a couple recruits here and there.
  27. NBhornfan

    NBhornfan 250+ Posts

    I think Bartlett may be gone to ASU
  28. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

    Congrats to Coach Bartlett!

  29. Moooooo

    Moooooo 5,000+ Posts

  30. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    Anyone with any assistant wish list that you’d like to see at Texas to replace Bartlett?

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