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Rangers need to shore up their bullpen, fill out their starting pitching rotation, and either hold on to or replace a couple of pieces on the bench. That should make for a fun hot stove league for the next couple of months. Early thoughts for next year are that Houston and Seattle are both going to be good and it will be a three team race with the Rangers for the AL West, I also think that the two that don't win the west will still be strong playoff contenders for WC's.

I am currently trying to figure out a way to get back to Surprise as I haven't been back there to see the Rangers since 2019. I got out to Arizona in 2020, literally the week before Covid hit, but that year I only saw the Rangers at the Brewers park in Maryvale and not Surprise. I also was in Phoenix for just a day in 2021 but the Rangers were off so I saw a game at Goodyear since I hadn't been to that stadium before. I just have Tempe Diablo, Ho Ho Kam, and the new Giants park in Scottsdale to finish out seeing a game in every Arizona spring training ballpark. I did see one at the old tinker toy park in Scottsdale back in 2019 that the Giants used to play in but the new one is apparently a huge upgrade.
Apparently the Rangers did not make the qualifying offer to Mitch Garver. Not surprising - the qualifying offer is the average of the top 125 salaries, in this case $20.5M. If a team makes a qualifying offer, they have to be prepared that the player might accept it - and Garver is clearly not worth $20.5M for next year. So he becomes an unrestricted Free Agent - if he signs with another team, the Rangers do not get a compensating draft pick. The Rangers can still sign him, if they can negotiate a contract with him.
Haven't seen any news on other Rangers.
Baseball talk on the ticket today and the hot stove league. The talk was that the Rangers are not going to stay in the Ohtani sweepstakes as numbers have gotten crazy and that they have all but given up on being able to afford Montgomery. the Rangers did sign a reliever today Yates who was with Atlanta and are still looking for other pitching help, but it looks like the starting rotation for pitchers 2024 at least going into spring training will be Eovaldi, Gray, Scherzer, Heaney, and possibly Perez, or someone else in the five slot.
Young gets a year of trust, but passing on Montomgery (even with the tax penalty) is a head-scratcher.
Some additional talk today midday on the ticket about the fact that with the uncertainty of the Bally Sports money, the Rangers just don’t know what their budget might be a year or two down the line and that is absolutely affecting longer-term decisions. Bochy had his first press conference in Nashville at winter meetings and he talked about needing another starter and someone to replace Garver and I don’t think he would be talking about that if he and Young had not spoken about that and if Young wasn’t working on that. Of course the World Series win means we are all gonna give Young a whole lot of grace on this, but if Perez is the number five starter come the season opener. I will be concerned.
It's possible that they're letting Montgomery test the market to see what offers he can generate before making the decision to match an offer or move on.
Report indicates "Rangers are the favorite to sign Montgomery" - Jordan Montgomery Free Agency News and Rumors (mlb.com). That would be the ideal move to set up the rotation for next season. It will cost some money, but he's a proven commodity and was apparently a great fit for the team lst season. IMO, it's much better to pay for the proven fit than to take a chance on any other Free Agent starter - and the money wouldn't be that much different.
Ohtani signs with the Dodgers for 700,000,000 over 10 years. All the Ballys money in the world wouldn’t have gotten the Rangers anywhere near that number. If he wasn’t coming to Texas I’m glad he’s not in the American League. Still waiting on Montgomery and maybe a DH.
The oddity is most of Ohtani's money is deferred until he quits playing. He agreed to this to minimize the Dodgers MLB tax surcharge.
Still waiting on Montgomery and maybe a DH.
FWHORN, I agree totally. Glad the Rangers didn't play in the Ohtani sweepstakes. IMO, the highest priority for the Rangers is to sign Montgomery to a reasonable long-term contract. And they need to bolster the bullpen - blowing over half of the "Save" opportunities just won't hack it next season. They may have to gut it out until near the trade deadline to find some quality bullpen pitching.
The last DFW team that won a championship, went cheap the next season and has not smelled a championship since then.

Recheck that bank account after the World Series. The money is there and will only grow with another deep run next season.
I read an article this morning that basically said, the actions of the Rangers indicate they won't spend much at all. They might go for 2nd tier starters, and a bargain or two for reliever. They will probably (hope he's another Carter right away!) earmark Langford in a rotation at DH and outfield positions. The money problem with the TV revenue is very real and they have a stacked team that will put people in the seats right now. They probably deserve a honeymoon. The worst part of the Ohtani signing is the rising tide raises all boats argument for salaries and arbitration now. That is the real story and the Dodgers ruthlessness. BUT... Ohtani is a 2-way player (notwithstanding being available only for DH next year; think about that. $700 million for a DH who MIGHT recover completely to pitch again) and supposedly gave the Dodgers a cash flow deferral type contract (see Bobby Bonilla). So, all the current free agents are now going to want more money too. I'm not sure why the Rangers have waited other than hoping this contract would take the Dodgers money out of the market and/or what I just said: they have no plans to spend this year.
A couple of articles today both indicating the Rangers may be priced out on Montgomery.
Hope that's not so. Montgomery is the one player I'd like for the Rangers to sign, even at a high price. He is a long-term proven commodity, and he certainly left an indelible impression on the Rangers during the run to (and through) the World Series. I'd rather see CY spend money on a proven commodity then spend less money on a riskier player.
Now, the question that comes with this observation - Is there a pitcher available through trade? The minor league system is pretty well-stocked, and any middle infielder who is ready for the majors is subject to trade (the Rangers are set in the infield for a while). CY could possibly package some prospects in a trade for a proven starter.
At any rate, I really like to see one more proven starter added to the rotation - then CY can start tinkering with the bullpen.
Strangely quiet with rumors about free agent signings. In particular, I have seen virtually nothing regarding Jordan Montgomery. Hope the Rangers are working behind the scenes to secure him to a contract. He certainly proved his value this past season.
Just heard on the radio that Scherzer is out until mid June or even July following back surgery. Signing Montgomery just got that much more important.
Some of the rumors are saying that Hader will not be a target for the Rangers. Hope that's correct - any money the Rangers have to spend should go to Motgomery.
Martin Perez to the Pirates. I don't think the Rangers were really interested in keeping him.

ESPN says one year deal for 8 million which is definitely over what the Rangers might have paid. With Scherzer out until June/July the opening day starting rotation right now is Eovaldi, Heaney, Gray, Dunning, and likely Bradford. That is not a bad rotation but in a division with Houston and Seattle and an AL with Baltimore and Tampa, it is going to strain the bullpen and put stress on the Rangers bats to keep this team in the race until help arrives in the form of Scherzer, DeGrom, and Mahle.

Meanwhile I keep seeing articles that the negotiations with Montgomery are on going and saw a wild card article about Kershaw as a possibility too but do we really want another injury prone future hall of famer who might be on the IL as much as he is on the mound (Scherzer is a lock and I am assuming DeGrom has the stats from early in his career to have a good shot at the HOF).
My heart says chase Kershaw, mind says to many old broken down pitchers on the roster now.

The good news is Perez has moved on. I don't see an $8 million pitcher when I see Perez. He soaks up innings, but at crunch time he goes away.
It's all about price for me with the afore mentioned group. That's too much for Perez. Monty? Maybe. Kershaw? Would need an old man discount (but fair)
If ownership is willing to cough up some money, Montgomery is the one to sign - Kershaw is at the end of his career (and his MLB health).
With hot stove on hiatus and the holidays upon us, I am catching up on some baseball moves and documentaries. This frontline has been out for a few months but I just haven't had time to stop down and watch so it has remained on my list to watch when I had time. With a few days off for Christmas I am catching up and finally had a chance to watch and I highly recommend it when you have an hour and a half.

I also watched the Yogi Berra documentary on Netflix and it is awesome for those of you who have that streaming service.

Just a little over two months to Spring training.:texasflag:
Christmas Eve news, Garver signed with the Mariners for two years. With Carter and Langford both projected on the squad he was clearly moving on. Had some clutch hits in the World Series run. Watch for mini ring ceremony first time Seattle comes to town.
^Looks like the Rangers are keeping the available money (what there is) for a specific target - sure hope that target is Joran Montgomery.
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