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  1. ama-horn

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    3 WAY TIE. . [​IMG]
  2. RollingwoodHorn

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    The highest seed goes, so Mizzou would go if Texas is in a 3-way tie.
  3. TenDeadF1ngerz

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    Mizzou goes to the championship as the highest seed of the teams that are tied.
  4. petscii

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    I don't get the interest, the last thing I want is Texas to play in the sunday game.

    Let's save our arms for the game that matters.
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  8. ii311hive

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    So basically if we win on Sat., we have to route for aggie to beat mizzou, just so we can make it in the championship game right?
  9. Fievel121

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    Yeah, so basically from the second inning on yesterday, we had to then follow it up with rooting for OU and A&M.

    I hate pool play...... [​IMG]
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  11. Steinbeck

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    post deleted
  12. Denmark

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    This type of tournament sucks! This team is gaining some confidence! Go Horns [​IMG]
  13. longhorn73

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    i'm proud of the way we've played so far. that was a tough mizzou game and a pitching duel so i'm encourage by that plus the fact that we blew up the ags best pitcher (according to Childress). we have our aces peaking at the right time and playing w/ confidence. let's hope that Hernandez got his E's out of his system the last game. i would like to see more sac bunts and steals but that's just me being greedy. Also I have a weird feeling we'll be seeing Belt close a lot more around tourney time since no one has really seen his stuff although pitching does hurt his bat a little.

  14. Touchdown_Texas

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    i can't decide between delayed gratification (mizzou losing) or instant gratification (aggy losing)...
  15. longhorn73

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    no worries my friend, a big 12 tourney champ will cure all ills. don't worry about what aggy is doing. If they win it will only help us. we have more than just aggy as a rival.


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