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    the Dallas Texans/KC Chiefs met the Houston Oilers for the first time ever in a preseason game.....not sure where or when the Cowboys played their 1st preseason game so this technically was the first game featuring Texas pro teams...............and now as Mr. Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.

    Oddly enough, the 1st game between Texas pro teams was not played in Texas. Instead of the Lone Star State, the game was played at Skelly Stadium in Tulsa, OK. and drew a crowd of 12,000. The Texans won 27-10. Why? Because the new team and league was trying to get attention and new fans in other, nearby markets. The Texans played their 2 other preseason "home" games against the New York Titans in Abilene and the Denver Broncos in Little Rock.

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    Do you know why? Possibly because

    Starting FB for the Titans was Pete Hart, Hardin Simmons.

    Starting TB was Ernie Davis, McMurry

    Coach Davis sustained a preseason knee injury that ended his career.

    Coach Hart started a couple of years then retired to West Texas as a sales rep for a sporting goods company.

    Another tidbit is that Coach Wilford Moore, for whom the stadium in Abilene is named, gave both Hart and Davis their first coaching jobs when they graduated. They coached one year, then signed with the Titans.
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