80 Years Ago on 10-06-34

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    This was a significant date not only for the Texas Longhorns but also for the then Southwest Conference and State of Texas football. Before then coverage of the Southwest Conference (SWC) was just minor mention on the later Sports page. Two games in the State of Indiana changed that. Two SWC teams played there as solid underdogs but 2 major upsets were to make national news and elevate SWC football to major coverage and respect.
    Both were afternoon games at about the same time and both were defensive games.

    South Bend

    Texas played Notre Dame (ND) and the Irish had been national champions several times and were the glamour of college football and definite favorites. But on the opening kickoff the Horns recovered a fumble at the ND 18 and moved in for a td and made the extra point. Later in that same quarter ND recovered a fumble at the UT 10 and scored but the extra point went wide and the score was 7-6 and that was to be the final score.


    Rice played at Purdue and many had predicted Purdue would win the National Championship. No one scored until Rice hit a long TD pass in the fourth quarter. Later in desperation the Purdue QB was trying to pass from his own end zone but was hit and fumbled and Rice recovered for another td and won 14-0.


    Great coverage nationally for the SWC as it came of age. The SWC was to win 3 NCs the next 7 years plus two near misses and one Heisman Trophy winner. A great day.
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    Thank you Bill, I do recall hearing this from older folks and Bill Little's halftime stories from yrs ago. Big day indeed [​IMG]
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    My Dad was 10 years old in 1934 when the UT beat ND 7-6 - he has talked about it a few times over the years - it was a big deal back in those days. He later graduated from UT in 1946. [​IMG]

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