A little summer tidbit while we wait for August....

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Buck-Horn, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Buck-Horn

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  2. Dionysus

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    Hard to argue against Sterns but Ingram could be the one to claim it.

    Is it football season yet? :confused2:
  3. dukesteer

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    With Ingram, as I have opined previously, I need to see what the extra weight and muscle does for him. It doesn’t always translate into an upgrade in performance.
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  4. I_Dont_Exist

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    For my money Sterns played too well last year to qualify for a breakout year. I'll go Ingram with Eagles and Ossai strong contenders.
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  5. NM fan

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    BJ Foster
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  6. WorsterMan

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    Ingram had a really good freshman year despite being dinged up a good part of the season. Me thinks year 2 in the system, healthy, more muscled up, etc. he has a real breakout Soph. year. :hookem:
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  7. Statalyzer

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    I'd go with Duvernay.
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  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    My money is on Ossai.
  9. AC

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    To me the theme in the off season has been the run game. So the breakout may well go to Keontay Ingram but Junior Angilau could step up and take it. Of course, due to his position Ingram will get a lot more press.
  10. #2is#1

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    Anthony Cook.
    Pissed off starting 2 quarters late.
  11. Pomspoms

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    I'm hoping Coburn has a breakout year!:mj:
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