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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Buck-Horn, Feb 3, 2019.

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  2. Run Pincher

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    That article sure brings back a lot of memories. I was fortunate to be one of those 35k fans watch Cedric smash through the Westlake defense to win the state title.
  3. BevoJoe

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    I went to that game too! I was in town for the Football Banquet on Friday night, went to the Horns practice facility on Saturday morning, but cut out early to go to the State CCG to see El Ced.
  4. I35

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    I was there as well.
  5. BurntOrangeLH

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    What is not analyzed in this article is where are these guys 4 or 5 years down the road? My cursory surveys seem to indicate that about 50% of the AAS 55 are either out of the game, transferred to a lower division school for more playing time, or never became a multi year starter.

    This, in my opinion, why MB lost it in the years after 2008. He basically opened up Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine and sent out offers until he had all he could sign. This is also why Herman has ascended to the top position in Texas Football and may exceed DKR; he has built an incredible evaluation and recruiting machine. He evades some blue chip recruits once he determines they are not a good culture fit and always discovers ascending 3 Stars before everyone else. I am always excited when Herman signs a 3 Star recruit and immediately try to discover why and what the others missed. Ruhle at Baylor, Day at tOSU are bird-dogging Herman's recruiting trips. Saban and Riley are following him also. Patterson at TCU is no longer the King of the undiscovered recruit. Likewise, Snyder is hopefully enjoying his well deserved retirement at KSU.

    Negative recruiting is emerging at other P5 schools. Usually the pitch to gullible but ego inflated young players is, "Texas is so deep at your position that you will only play there two years. Sign with us and you will start your freshman year (because our cupboards are bare at your position.) You are a real stud and ready to start right now (glibly passing over player development, academics, and after eligibility benefits of the alumni network, etc.)"

    Do you all see this occurring also? I hope Herman does not burn out too soon and the Assistant Coaches and staff stay relatively stable.
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    I think what you wrote above is true in the main. Not sure how true or how it translates into additional wins above baseline. But I do know that what you described above is being ignored by Aggy. They have no idea what is going on. They will wake up one day with the Horns in the CFP nearly every year and asking what happened? Jimbo, SEC, etc is the extent of their horizon.
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    The one thing Fisher refuses to understand is that Darrell Dickey is a superb offensive mind, who has always had to do it with 2 & 3 star kids. Fisher wants to live on the high side when he should focus on what works for his system.

    That said, Fisher is such a piss poor coach that has only won by buying enough players to out talent opponents, because he has yet to outcoach anyone.
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  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    Did Jimbo ever do anything significant without Winston as his QB?

    Asking for my friend Charlie.
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  9. SabreHorn

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    Yes, Jimbo managed to piss off 70% of the state of Louisiana (100% of the big money people) with his lies.

    Even more important, he managed to stab Mr FSU football in the back and pretty much destroy everything Coach Bowden took years to create.

    Those would be his two greatest accomplishments unless you consider manipulating the Florida legal system an accomplishment.

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  10. BurntOrangeLH

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    The Swag Copter is fueled up and ready to go at the drop of an Aglet Saber.

    Jimbo is squeezing his cojones as we speak.
  11. Austin_Bill

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    I was recently driving in Converse Tx and as I was passing Judson High School I looked up at their stadium wall where they list their state Championships. I found it interesting they listed 1989. They got beat pretty badly by Dallas Carter that year.

    I had two close friends on that team. After they lost that game the UIL stripped Carter of their title for playing with an ineligible player. The Judson players were asked to vote if they wanted to claim the championship. It was unanimous decision to not accept the title. Not a single Judson player on that team got a ring, trophy or patch for the lettermen jacket that said state champion.

    A true player will never accept a championship they didn't earn, but I guess the school isn't the same.
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