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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DFWHorn012, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Ima enjoy these wolfs like Sam, Sterns, Foster, Ingram, Coburn, etc.. yo, following this year's recruiting prospects especially from some of the elite guys like Zach, Lathan Ransom, Bijan, Broughton, Flowe, Ringo, etc.. alotta guys like us.. but we're having to fight tooth and nail.. and a common theme I keep hearing is just some reservation kids are having on if Texas is truly back. They want to see more. I get it.. and there's nothing sadistic or even ignorant about that when making a business decision but there's something special in my eyes about guys who understand the precarious position the flagship program finds themselves in and feels a responsibility or at least accepts the challenge of being part of the solution and wants to be remembered as the gangstas who brought Texas back.

    That's the next level attitude I respect about the jokers who signed before seeing the evidence but just believed in themselves and the coaching staff that they was gon get it done.

    Now, I won't turn away the guys who hop on board after the fact obviously lol but when we hoist that big 12 trophy this year and next wit guys who came to Texas to right the ship it'll be more special to me than the championships we win after the fact. .
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    My guess is that Texas is fighting a ton of negative recruiting influencers from all schools, and the press nationally. The local rivals in the conference and a ‘n m are scared sh - -less that Texas is back. It is a lot for a coaching staff to overcome when it involves 17 and 18 year old kids and the naysaying liars are feeding them crap about Texas and Tom. And they can even get away with throwing ice water on Texas’ victories over a highly ranked GA and OU. Only one thing will fix this. Win the games that you are supposed to win (Maryland) and win the big games, OU.

    Texas IS back and Tom’s brand of physical football will make believers of the opposing players on the field. This isn’t GA football and it is not aggie football, it is much more. Texas belongs at the top and it is not a team with a history of losing. Opposing rivals have reason to worry and in time their lying negative recruiting will be seen by recruits for what it is, fear and envy. In the meantime the vultures will have some success. This is what happens when the master stops feeding the big, mean dog. It gets weak and the little “yapping” dogs attack. Texas leadership did it to themselves with the mishandling of the Mack transition and the Charlie disaster.

    Texas is back and the rest can kiss our royal a- -.
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    Keep in mind — as most of us on this board do — that Herman took a broken program from the garbage heap to a conference championship game in year 2, against a Heisman winning QB. And if that game had been officiated equitably, we probably would have won it.

    The Sugar Bowl a fluke? Really? I watched us kick their a**** up and down the field, just like Bevo did to Uga before the game.

    Keep in mind that pretty boy Lincoln up at Blow U “inherited” teams two years straight with Heisman winning QBs at the helm. So is he really a Wonder Boy? His cupboard was full. Herman’s wasn’t. Not close.

    I think we’re on the front end of something great, that will last quite a while. The Sooners, Aggies, Tigers, Buckeyes and the rest are getting ready to see their window of opportunity (and their poaching of talent) come to a screeching halt. They should be pulling out all the stops, but it won’t matter.

    The landscape is changing...
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    Chinstrap I'm going to edit your post if you don't mind.

    Texas is back and the rest can kiss BOTH sides of our royal a--
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    Texas is back when and only when they hoist that Big 12 trophy. Just getting to the title game doesn't amount to squat to these young recruits. This year is pivotal for Herman to turn the corner, and actually bring Texas back to being a Natty contender.
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