Aggies to go after Applewhite

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by UT-69745551, Dec 23, 2007.

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    This is a stupid thread.

    You don't give up an OC job at one of the top schools in the nation to be the quarterbacks coach at one of the most absurd schools in the nation.

    He wouldn't be the QB coach HERE over OC at who cares.

    Oh, and about Major and CS....that one still hurts. Hurt or not, he got shafted in ways most of us will never know. That whole situation stank and I think we'll be lucky if either major or Chris ever talk to us again.
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    I'll preface this by saying I still think this is unlikely.

    It looks like A&M is hiring an offensive coordinator who is an offensive line and tight ends specialist, and apparently he will also take on the job of being offensive line coach. Might be coincidence but this jives with all of the crazy Applewhite rumors I heard that had him taking over coaching the quarterbacks and coordinating the passing game.

    Of course this is also similar to the situation you see at Alabama with Pendry/Applewhite.
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    Can someone tell me where Darrel Royal went to school?

    If Major ends up at A&M the title Co-OC is being passed(pardon the pun) around a lot. It also seems that Clancy Barone will be OL Coach not OC.

    The only "for sure" seems to be Reggie Herring.
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    going from bama to aggy makes no sense, aggy has no tradition of winning in football and isn't likely to develop one in this century, aggy is where you go on your way to coaching at a traditional football power, eg. D X Bible (perpetrator of the 12 man snipe hunt practical joke), that bear fellow, and Gene Stallings, all stopped for a time in heck on their way to football greatness.

    Just because dennis was a fool and went backasswards from a football power to the *** end of the football world doesn't mean Major is stupid.

    aggy, can $bill outbid The Tuna?
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    I must say, this thread was rather fun to read back over. [​IMG]
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    poooooooooor agggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssssss

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    aggy's convinced Major's gonna de-commit from us and make the move to Bagdad-on-the-Brazos any day now.
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    Threads like this remind me why I love so much.
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    Headline should read:

    The Major shuns ag-roids again.

    Major originally committed to scrotum back in 97 only to switch to the good guys. His intelligence is once again demonstrated.
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    I dunno guys, I hear that some sort of Spurrier/Major combo at OC/QB coach for A&M is in the works. My sister's co-worker's cousin's dermatologist saw them playing golf together in College Station.
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    "This Topic is Not Active at This Time" - TexAgs
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    You got to be kiding me he will never do it and just stab is Alma Mater in the back coaching against Mack. Now he made the right choice to come back to Texas
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    aggy think they could get Belicheck or Parcells if they really wanted either of them.
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    Hey ags, what happened?
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    All of you just don't understand...this is a full-blown (or is that fully-blown?) aggy stealth recruiting attack. They're gonna let us bask in Major's return, then steal him away from us in the middle of the night. In fact, you might call him a soft commit to aggy...they do.

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