aggy gonna aggy

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Sangre Naranjada, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Aggy just ran out of sports.
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    True story about Super Bill Bradley. In 1968 he was moved from QB of the wishbone offense after game 3 to WR for a game or two, then DB where he shined for the rest of the season.

    Going from memory, I believe the final score in that 1968 aggy game was 35-14 and it was not that close.

    Bill and the Horns did back up the boast that day.

    :hookem: :hookem: :hookem:
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    While I have been clean and sober for 34 years, I wish the guy the best in his recovery. However I imagine that even if he were to remain clean and sober, he would just be a sober douche who no longer had something to blame it on.
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    The above is for sale at Amazon.
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    JFF go prove it in the CFL or Arena League. You ain't foolin' nobody this time.
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    On the cover of that box it reads "the story of Texas A&M's journey to the league of champions" ... lol, that's like the lawn guy for a rich person talking about their "journey to the high dollar neighborhood"
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    Synopsis: When Texas A&M left the Big 12 to join the Southeastern Conference, most college football observers assumed the Aggies were destined to languish in mediocrity.
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    I remember Bob Stoops said something like, "They did not exactly tear it up here."
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  12. Joe Fan

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    Looks like aggy may have finally given up on the idea of getting Nick Saban for next year

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    Those guys... they're great...
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    Never ending source of entertainment.
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    Last evening LHN had a replay of the glorious 27-25 win over aggy in 2011.

    aggy so thought they had that game won... then Justin Tucker's winning FG with no time left kicked 'em hard in the nuts!!! :hookem:
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    Comparing the Jackie vs. Dado scenario is deeply flawed. Dabo won a title, has built a monster program, while Jackie never won a big in his life and left two programs on massive probation's.
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    I think if A&M wants a Clemson Coach who won a Natty, they should use realistic expectations and go after Danny Ford, Coach of the 1981 national champions. Ford has lots of experience dealing with NCAA investigators and coached for a while in the SEC.
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    Danny Ford is dirtier than all the Aggie coaches that would have preceded him. Ford makes Barry look "clean".
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    That is gold in the $EC.
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    Mike Locksley, the only coach to make John Blake look smart, found another job working for Saban after working for the poster boy for the Hitler Youth Corp. Even Blake landed in Buffalo, albeit for a year.

    That said, my first thought for Manziel was NEO.
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    Seems like Saban is an island for misfit toys
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    He could be the Billy Martin of football. Martin's teams won, until Martin fell off the wagon or had a psychotic episode. But I think Martin was better balanced than Johnny Trainwreck.
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    Where is aggy?

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    Pan to the right as far as you can. Then pan farther to the right. When you think you can't possibly go farther to the right, you're still not there. And that's even if their imaginary wins are counted.
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    Just you wait! They're about to start 100 years of complete domination.
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    wait, wait, wait...what is West Virginia doing on this list ( sorry Rich Rodriguez)??
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    They are there giving the B12 three teams

    But the Ivy League did counter in the comments


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