Aggy is Coming Around

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jan 10, 2012.

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    The Link

    Surprised to find more than a few Aggy stating that the War Hymn does indeed show a bit of obsession towards t u (hehe).

    But they still lean towards continuing to honor the University of Texas by singing about our colors (orange and the white), our mascot's horns (saw 'em off), our football team (varsity), our school song (The Eyes of Texas - "sounds like hell"), they're gonna beat us, and goodbye to us (our only reference we make to Aggy in Texas Fight).

    Interesting to see how SEC fans will react to Aggy when they hear them singing about The University of Texas on an SEC field.
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    It’s impossible to point out the obsessions of another fan base without sounding obsessive yourself. Some things are just better left unsaid.
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    That's sort of like saying that complaining about a stalker makes you a stalker.
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    They are so obsessed that they probably put threads about us on their own BBS's! Wait...
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    I'm sure the SEC members and fans will come to quickly love & loathe aggy like the Big XII did.
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    As much as we know about their perverted traditions and lack of common sense, you'd be surprise how little those in the SEC know. I've had the (mis)fortune of educating my SEC brethren about them and some of their quirks.
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    With that new coaching staff, a brand new quarterback and the ability to squeeze their nuts, they will be unstoppable in the SEC. Unstoppable in never gaining relevance.

    Aggy taking plastic spoon to a gun fight. Cannot wait to see the carnage.
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    you are nothing to me now freddo...
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    I'm not sure who this "Aggy" is that you're referring to, but the Aggy I once knew will never "come around."
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    are we going to change the words to our fight song? Pot, meet kettle....

    Texas Fight! Texas Fight!
    And it's goodbye to A & M.....
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    ...aaand the thread is gone. Well done, TexAgs.

    Here are a few fun facts about the Aggie War Hymn from Wikipedia:

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    would love it if we went to singing the 1st verse only.
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    Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby

    And yeah we all know that "The Eyes of Texas" music came from "I've Been Working on the Railroad", so equal time for Prop Joe>

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    you are nothing to me now freddo... Says it all
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    I think A&M starts singing the 1st and 2nd verses to the song.
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    Now is also a good time to mention that the Aggie War Hymn sounds a lot like the Yogi Bear theme song. Maybe that can be the new 2nd verse.

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