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    Maybe that's because the SEC had arguably (only because of Delaney) the best commissioner in the P5, something we would know nothing about. Imagine if the Big XII had had a commissioner will balls, who didn't associate with self-dealing consultants. The Big XII would have added FSU, Clemson, GT.

    One of our better lawyers needs to do an educational seminar in Las Colinas on conflict of interest.
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    You are dead on there. Our commissioner is very weak. As pointed out a couple of years back, we might have been able to add the 2 of the three programs mentioned, but the commish either ignored them or mucked about in negotiations.

    I still believe in the next 3-4 years the B12 dissolves. There are a few indicators out with logical substance to support this, but nothing concrete. When (if) it happens three programs will be left out of the P4 conferences, but apparently they already know this and will drop to the FBS. So, the next few years will be fun to watch and see what happens...if anything.
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    Don't really see the scenario when P5 only play P5 schools for two reasons. Like now, FBS schools are allowed to play a FCS I think there'd still be the loophole to allow playing a non-P5 team on OOC. Also, the Notre Dame issue - I can't see them being excluded from whatever upper echelon there is so until they decide they'll join a conference, I don't see it happening.

    Personally, I'm not sure I want that scenario. I enjoyed UCF knocking off Auburn this year along w/ the others from the past (App St beating MI still my favorite)
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    Great analogy!
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    One game does not a dynasty make. It is about playing with the big boys week in and week out. I suppose as long as people enjoy David not playing anyone of merit and Goliath going through his tough schedule, and then David getting to play in a big bowl game against Goliath, I guess it'll work. Just don't think David's earned it....
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    David doesn't get to play Goliath during the regular season when Goliath refuses to schedule games with David. Even taking into account that scheduling is got years down the road, the reality is that the Goliaths of the football world typically refuse to even consider the Davids for fear of getting App State'd or Auburn'ed.

    At least we get some bowl games where the Davids get to prove they SHOULD have had the chance and that, with parity, a number of those programs ARE on par with caliber schools oft-appearing in the top-10.
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    well said!
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    Building champions? Looks pretty bare. 0-4 in the weak basketball sec.
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    Aggy stole a 2-start QB from Kent State. He will probably transfer out anyway.

    Jimbo is lighting it up
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    A future New England wide receiver!
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    At least he can revel them with tales and speak of history at a school where they shoot protesters instead of just chasing them on a field with a sword LOL!

    Oh, and then transfer.

    Dilly Dilly!
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    aggy tells anyone who will listen (including themselves) they are great. Unfortunately 17-18 year old males are not buying their message.
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    Since they already have the highest paid coach in the nation, I guess he means they need the highest paid players to go with that.
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    In the works. FedEx wants more this time also.
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    When was the last time you found anybody (or any organization) that constantly proclaimed their own greatness, to actually live up to the self generated hype?

    In my experience it is a pretty rare thing. The truly great ones don't have to constantly self promote.
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    ...and the hits just keep coming! man, you can't make this stuff up, ha
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    Besides rape culture at Bailor Mrs. Lincoln, how was aggy recruiting in 2018 with mighty Jimbo Fisher?

    It may not finish this way but agricultural & mechanical college of Texas is trailing football blue bloods Kentucky, Louisville & NC State!

    Good Bull aggy!!!
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    Yea, they're ahead of Wake Forest so they dominate'n. :smile1:
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    But not better coached :hookem2:
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    You probably mean Jimbo, but it would be funny to see Jeff Fisher at aggy, as well. ;)
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    Yup meant Jumbo Fisher!:beertoast:

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