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    Keep in mind while doing this cheating, they won a total of 31 games in that entire decade, including a 7 win season in 1967 winning the SWC and Cotton Bowl. They did beat Trinity at Alamo Stadium during the 1-9 campaign of 1960.

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    Why yes...yes there is...

    What you might ask? I will tell you...

    Sitting in the Centurion Lounge waiting on a flight and watching aggy softball give up a game and series-ending (and thus, also season-ending) home run after they had taken the lead in the top half of the last inning. But this was not the best seems there were several in the Lounge that took pleasure in watching aggy aggy things up like only aggy can do...
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    "Aggy Up", the new soft drink for losers! Sold next to any empty trophy case.
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    beer dog
    Aggie has a "hall of champions" and a head coach that has won more National Championships in football than Tom Herman. And wins halftime of most games. Former Aggies dominating the Canadian football league will eventually be the death of Longhorn football.
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    Aggie won half time.
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    aggy never won halftime against our band. We've dominated them there too.
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    Just when you think aggie can't out aggie themselves they out aggie themselves.
    At least College Station has Longhorn Network.
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    Aggy misery makes my day.
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    This begs the question, what has any aggy, especially the hamster, ever, ever known about players that can save them on Saturday?
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    I don't like Tom Herman. Then again, I know that if he were my guy I'd love him. He's good for the conference. Love that quote.
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    Tex ags is ripe today. It really is true that aggie wants Texas to lose more than aggie wants aggie to win. Stunning.
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    No doubt Collie Station was 11

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    aggy talks bold SEC smack about playing UT again and winning...

    Me thinks deep down those a-holes wouldn't be able to stand losing to the Sips on a regular basis again, much less THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS being their Daddy once again .

    76 - 37 - 5 dominance over lowly aggy! :hookem:
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    Aggie would do it if they could figure a way where Longhorns and Aggie's both lose. Net aggie.
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    I don't know who Gio is, but the convicts are not in the top 100 UNLESS:

    1) they are playing the #1 ranked team, FSU, Florida, or ND

    2) the pawn shops are loaning against the wheels on their homes

    They have no fans unless it's a major game, then the crack houses, trailer parks, and tattoo parlors empty.

    When they have a crowd, you can't go to the restroom at Joe Robbie unless you are packing and then your Glock better have the 35 shot clip. Place makes a night game in Fair Park look like a Highland Park debutante ball.

    It's Joe Robbie, built in the middle of nowhere, and the only stadium with a tollbooth in the parking lot.

    Auburn is only a good party because the one road to I-85 takes three hours to go the 3-4 miles.

    Boise State? Sure if you're Mormon and a potato farmer

    Where the hell is Ole Miss and The Grove?
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    aggy females starting to publicly complain.
    This was the more recent version of "jock itch" defense at aggy

    ".... "You failed me," Romere said. "And you didn't just fail me, you've failed each and every vulnerable student that walks across your campus."

    In Oct. 2016, Romere was a university tutor when she said Merritt exposed himself during a tutoring session with her and starting masturbating. Romere said Merritt also did a similar act in front of another female tutor earlier that day.

    Both women filed police reports. At the time, both accusers were unnamed since The News generally does not name victims of sexual crimes...."

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    Pattern established?

    " .... One woman said she went to the Title IX office to report an attack and received no investigation at all. Another woman said a football player masturbated in front of her during a tutoring session, and the criminal justice system did more to punish him than the university. A third woman said her Title IX investigation ended with the student being found guilty of rape; he was suspended and then allowed to come back. ..."

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    Aggy swimmers were too junk to know she was not a sheep. No violation accrued.
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    They just ran out of votes, err time to stuff the ballot box.
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    Aggy tradition = all Male cheerleading squad
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    If only sheep could talk.
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    In all fairness to the A&M football player who unintentionally masturbated in front of his tutor.... who here amongst us can honestly say their penis has never accidentally exposed and masturbated itself. In fact, the whole thing may have happened without his knowledge!

    Let ye who has never sinned cast the first stone...

    In all seriousness, I hope to God our Title IX compliance is airtight. I am afraid stories like this are more common across the the college landscape than any of us guys suspect. I have talked with a few female friends about the whole #metoo thing who shared their own stories about things that happened to them or girls they knew when we were in school 20 years ago together and it blew my mind that no one reported anything and the people who did it had zero consequences.
    I remember hearing rumors at the time but couldn't really believe it because how could you do something like that without any consequences? Even though I knew some guys to brag about what ******** they could be to women... It was just bragging. I didn't know the world mysoginest at the time (still cannot spell it)
    But I believe women I know 100% now when they talk about how hard it is to report something like that.
    It turns out that as normal guys who cannot even imagine committing something like an assault, we are pretty oblivious. We would also expect that if we did try something like that, that justice would come down hard on us. But some people are sociopaths and know they can take advantage of the he said / she said thing and don't mind being known as rapey. Hard for me to me imagine.
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    One would imagine that the Cleve Bryant, Case McCoy/Jordan Hicks, and Major Applewhite stuff would have caused our admin and regents to take a nice, long look at our Title IX compliance and "tweaked" it to stay up to date. I think for as much crap that Plonsky has taken on this board over the past 20 years, she's definitely well known for not accepting any sort of harrassment stuff.
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