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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by texas_ex2000, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Nothing but the friendliest and kindest bunch of folks you'll meet. They had a lot of pride, southern hospitality, and sportsmanship. I never heard one even slightly sarcastic well meaning joke about Texas. Instead, a lot you Texas fans are something else and came out in force, what an amazing band, you guys sure put on a great tailgate, your young QB's gonna be awesome (I actually didn't appreciate that, but I know they meant well). Talking to them this morning, they definitely feel like that wasn't the game anyone expected and admit something to complete the experience was missing.
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    Except for McElroy's "horns down" at the end of the game, Alabama seemed pretty classy. I've always thought it was a classy program.

    And I don't blame Saban for that last touchdown either -- we still had a timeout left, so he couldn't have run the clock all the way down. A TD, onside kick and a FG would have been unlikely, but possible. Didn't really bother me.

    I have talked to some 'Bama fans today and they have taken the same attitude as the OP indicates -- some are upset, though, that some in the media see their win as "tainted" due to Colt's absence. I really don't see it this way. It happened. What are we going to do, replay the game when Colt gets better? They won, fair and square, and deserve the championship.

    As Darrell Royal said, don't talk about "shoulda coulda woulda." What shoulda happen did happen.
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    it was kind of funny to see a freshman yell at his lineman early on when you were eating them up. i was thinking, man, i bet they just roll their eyes at this guy. like he would be anything without them.

    i understand calling your teammates out, it happens, and needs to happen.... but the freshman? please. throw a decent pass and then get back to me.
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    McElroy is a Jr.
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    I'm not sure McElroy even starts for any Big 12 team? Maybe Colorado? He might be on par with that Hawkins kid? If there was ever a case where a team won in spite of their QB and not because of their QB, this was it. He was carried to the championship, and he should probably not be so cocky.
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    I would love to have seen us get 14 points ahead and watch McElroy try to win that game. He would have imploded. He was horrible and that cracked ribs stuff is a big pile of crap.
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    I had some really bad experiences with Bama fans. Most of it revolved around too much booze.
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    Well the Bama fans in Houston last night were 50/50. 50% were decent & cordial. The other 50% were solid asshats and one even started a fight right after the game was over.

    Shame, the 50% that were cool were 3 girls & 2 dudes. The other 50% were all douchebag dudes.

    The Tide fan that started the fight even had a prior altercation with the table next to them for all the obnoxious dumbass **** he was talking. Not a lot of class from quite a few Bama fans. But I even know that that doesn't blanket the entire lot of them.

    Just my 2 cents
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    lest we forget-- this was Alabama's first win in 9 tries vs UT-- they were due
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    If I was a Bama fan- I would feel the win was tainted having not played Colt and nearly lost to their freshman QB. And 58 yards passing? That is the first half of the first quarter for Colt vs. UTEP.
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    The thing that I will take away from the Bama fans was how they were almost as quiet as the Texas fans after the game. It was just a bummer for everyone.
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    The Alabama fans sitting near me were complete idiots. They didn't seem like bad folks, just imbeciles.
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    Taylor Hicks was sitting behind me pissing me off kind of being nasty about Texas. I finally turned around and told him I now understood why he sold so well at Walmart.
    The big guy from "Green Mile" was also behind me cheering for Texas. I thought he was going to smack Hicks.
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    banksypete, you must've been sitting just a few rows down from me because Taylor Hicks was right in front of us. My wife also saw Cheryl Crow in the bathroom. [​IMG]
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    My experience was largely good - a handful of idiots, but for the most part it was fine. Had a good conversation with one couple who were both very complimentary.
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    Attended the game with my twin sons who are both currently attending Bama. They are happy about winning the Nat'l. title, but understand very well that the outcome would have been different if Colt had been able to stay in the game. They both were upset, as were their buddies, when Saban failed to take a knee. Having grown up on UT football, they understand the formula for "winning with class". I think they were exposd to a side of Saban which they were hoping didn't exist. Bitter sweet victory for them at best.
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    Saban is like a vampire. They suck the life out of everything around them and then move on. He will do the same to Bama fan. Eventually they will realize the error of inviting him into their house.
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    I was in the Alabama endzone and everyone was very cordial and fun. Everyone praised the good plays on both sides of the ball. Afterwards, they congratulated Texas on a fine game and praised GG. There was a lot of good natured taunting between us but there were not any problems. I thought they were very classy fans. I want a rematch though. [​IMG]
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    There is not a coach is the SEC that wouldn't have scored that last touchdown. Petrino? Miles? Superier?
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    this probably belongs in the stands, but...
    i wasn't able to watch the game and told a bama friend that when I got up friday morning i looked at the outcome and said I was surprised that alabama won and then when I learned that colt got hurt in the first quarter i was no longer surprised - a hell of a time for gilbert to have to take the reins. anyway, the "friend" got really pissed off that somehow I was saying alabama's win is tainted. things happened the way they were supposed to happen. Alabama fans may be pissed that there is a "what if" story footnoted to this game, but that, too, is just the way the cookie crumbles. I'm proud of this team, I'm proud to be a Texas Ex and I'm proud of our coaching staff. Hook 'em.

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