Alamo Drafthouse - Never Again !

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by DRAG69, Apr 8, 2008.

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    So my wife and I were both off yesterday and decided to go see Leatherheads. We would have gone to the new Cinemark in Cedar Park but the first showing there was 2 PM and we wanted to go earlier. Alamo Drafthouse in Lakecreek Plaza had a 12 noon showing so we decided to go there.

    I had already had one bad experience there when I went to see No Country For Old Men. These two fat girls behind me received a big order of nachos right as the movie started and then proceeded to crunch them, loudly, for the first hour of the movie. Drove me crazy. I mean there were scenes in that movie where it was absolutely silent out in the desert and I am listening to crunching nachos in my ear.

    Well yesterday sealed the deal for me.

    Now I am one of those people that do not understand the need to eat something during a two hour movie. I mean most people go more than two hours during the day without having to eat so why do you need to eat while there ? I sometimes buy a drink and my wife and I will share it but I don't always do that either. I swear I see people with a tray full of crap, nachos, popcorn, hot dogs and drinks and I wonder why you want to spend $20 on movie food. Why not just go somewhere and eat afterwards ?

    Anyway this rant has nothing to do with food or obnoxious people that cannot eat without making a lot of noise.

    We sat down and I filled out the sheet....
    1 - Miller Lite
    1 - Cabernet

    The drinks came and everything was fine. There were only about 12 people in the whole place anyway. About halfway through we decided to have one more drink each so we ordered them and finished those off just at the end of the movie. There was nothing wrong with the service. The beer was good and cold and I tasted the cabernet and it was pretty good too.

    And then the check came.

    $28 ******* dollars for 2 glasses of wine and 2 domestic long necks !!!! I could not believe it. That is more than the Four Seasons. Unbelievable. That wine was $9 a glass and the glasses are not even close to the size of those you receive in most restaurants.

    So I spent $12.50 to see the movie and $28 more for drinks making it $40.

    Never again.
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    What did you expect? It's Alamo Drafthouse. That's the deal.
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    People eating at Alamo Drafthouse? Really? What is the world coming to?

    As for the price, in the future, check the menu which is conveniently provided for you.
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    There is no way to read that menu in the dark.

    And I never imagined that a glass of house cabernet and a beer would be over $13. That is ridiculous.
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    Ummm ok.

    First of all my wife and I go to Alamo specifically for two reason:
    1. We're HUNGRY and want to eat AT the theatre. Not before, or after
    2. We want to drink alcohol

    If we don't plan to do either of those two things (and we're going to see a regular main stream movie) we'll go elsewhere, so you should probably so the same.

    Now having said that you're really complaining about the cost? I mean a small coke costs $3.50 at a normal theatre, and a regular sized box of candy costs about the same. Theaters jack up the price on stuff, and pretty much everywhere $alcohol > $soda so I don't see those prices being way out of the norm. I mean they same about on par with what you'd pay at a decent restaurant. When you go out you pay more for stuff.

    So it's fine if you don't want to eat at the movies, go somewhere else. And it's fine if you don't want to pay the high prices to drink at the movie go somewhere else. But to post about it on an internet message board just makes you come off as a bitter old man who hates paying more than a nickel for a loaf of bread.

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    Well I am old and the price of that wine sure made me bitter.....
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    I personally can't eat and watch a movie. It distracts my attention.
    If I were to miss Chigurh's coin flip because of a tragic chip failure during a nacho break, it takes away from the movie.
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    **** that. That's why Alamo rocks. I can eat an annoying amount food, drink lots of beer and generally not have to put up with people's devil spawn or obnoxious talkers (because they don't let in the former and kick out the latter). Sorry, but I ONLY go to Alamo Drafthouse to watch movies. Besides, if your hearing is so acute that you can hear the people behind you eating over the loud movie, well, I don't know how to follow that up.
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    Now I am one of those people that do not understand the need to drink something during a two hour movie. I mean most people go more than two hours during the day without having to drink so why do you need to drink while there ?
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    if you consider the markup on normal candy, drinks, and popcorn at a regular theatre, i would say $9 a glass might come in a little lower.

    would you rather pay $4 for a beer, or $3,50 for a diet coke?

    also, i would hate to see your opinion on the price of beer at a strip club.
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    "Get off my lawn" should be the title of this post... [​IMG]
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    I've been thinking about swearing off the Alamo b/c the last few movies I've been to have been infested by loud talking, obnoxiously laughing, disgusting food ingesting **** heads. The loud talking ******** seem to find those the messages before the movie particularly hilarious, too. I just can't snitch, and the staff doesn't take initiative. They're always a few seats over, too, so I can't tell them to shut the **** up. ********.

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    this is the dumbest post of the year

    for the love of christ, you go to Alamo Drafthouse and complain about people eating

    that's like going to Rainbow Cattle Company and complaining about "the fags"
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    Thats why i love the movie tavern here in DFW.

    $6 for a movie and $1.50 beers mon-thurs.

    Can't beat that my freind
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    I have to agree on their prices. $17.50 for a pitcher of beer. I went to Austin's Pizza afterward and the same size pitcher was $7.

    This isn't a strip club. Get realistic on drink prices.
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    why goto the drafthouse if you're not gonna eat or drink?
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    Obviously some of you did not read my post very closely.

    I don't go to the movie to eat.

    I only went there because the feature started at 12 and I wanted to go before a regular theatre near me was showing it. The other reason I went is because I knew it would not be crowded and I would not get some fat assed, nacho eating pig eating with their mouth open right behind me.

    I was just shocked that 2 beers and 2 glasses of wine would be $28 before the tip. That is ridiculous no matter where you are.
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    Did they not provide you with pricing ahead of time?
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    Punt? Is that you?

    Jesus, man. Go back to your crappy theater, where you can hear people actually ANSWERING CELL PHONES during the movie, watch whatever boring Hollywood drivel you're into instead of Alamo's better selection, and get angry at the crying babies there. No need for you to douche up my movie theater while I'm enjoying a bucket of beer, old man.
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    they have two cabs on the south lamar location menu:



    according to this:
    The Link

    your bill should've been $20. unless you got the coppolla instead of the cab
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    This thread is hilarious. Alamo rocks. I won't go anywhere else.

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