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    It's the offseason.

    Tried to stick with a 53-man roster. I could ditch the backups at K/P for some more skill position players, particularly on WR, but we don't have many good NFL WRs. Our offense would be rather run heavy to say the least if this was an actual team. Wouldn't work very well in the NFL of 2021.

    I've based this longevity, empiricals like stats and faux-metrics like wins above replacement type stuff, eye test, and a few other key issues. It's tough saying that someone from the 1930s "deserves" to be on the team today, because they'd get crushed by someone like Leonard Davis, but I'm trying to take their performance versus contemporaries into account. I didn't really pay attention to draft position, or whether they switched positions a bunch (like from T to G on the OL) because they're still seen as all-time Texas greats either way.

    QB - C+
    1. Bobby Layne
    2. VY (believe it or not)
    3. Simms (again... this wasn't a great position)
    Honorable mention - Colt

    RB - A+
    1. Earl
    2. Priest
    3. Jamaal
    4. Ricky
    Honorable mention - Leaks, Cedric Benson

    TE - C-
    1. Pete Lammons
    2. Jermichael Finley
    3. Ray Poage
    4. (tie) Kerry and Keith Cash
    Honorable mention - Bo Scaife, Terry Orr

    WR - D
    1. George Sauer
    2. Roy Williams
    3. Lam Jones
    4. Alfred Jackson
    Honorable mention - Herkie Walls, Marquise Goodwin

    OL (tough to pin down right/left side or which guys would make a better "unit." So I'm just going off of best OL guys ever). A-
    1. Ox Emerson (1930s)
    2. Jerry Sisemore
    3. Bob Young
    4. Leonard Davis
    5. Harley Sewell (even though he was more O and D)
    6. Dave Studdard
    7. Lyle Sendlein
    8. Mike Baab
    Honorable mention - John Ayers, Blake Brockermeyer, Howard Fest, Justin Blalock, Dan Neil, Bob McKay, Derrick Dockery

    DE/Pass Rush OLB - B+
    1. Brackens
    2. Orakpo
    3. Kenneth Sims
    4. Brian Robison
    Honorable mention - Larry Stephens, Henry Melton, Alex Okafor, Sam Acho

    DT/Interior DL (mostly) - A+
    1. Steve McMichael
    2. Bud McFadin
    3. Casey Hampton
    4. Doug English
    5. Diron Talbert
    6. Shaun Rogers
    Honorable mention - John Elliott, Shane Dronett, Cory Redding, Malcom Brown, Roy Miller

    LB (like the ILB's in a 3-4 or any position if it's 4-3 but not really the "DE" type guys) - B-
    1. Nobis
    2. DJ
    3. Winfred Tubbs
    4. Bruce Scholtz
    Honorable mention - Jordan Hicks, Britt Hager, Olen Underwood

    DB - A+ (like it even needs to be said)
    1. Bobby Dillon
    2. Earl Thomas
    3. Raymond Clayborn
    4. Jerry Gray
    5. Bill Bradley
    6. Quentin Jammer
    7. Michael Griffin
    8. Stanley Richard
    9. Johnnie Johnson
    Honorable mention - Glenn Blackwood, Diggs, Vasher, Huff

    1. Tucker
    2. Dawson
    Honorable mention - Raul Allegre

    1. Erxleben
    2. Dickson
    Honorable mention - John Teltschik

    1. Metcalf - couldn't figure where to put him on offense. Maybe just KR.
    2. Tom Landry
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    Cosby and Shipley should at least get HM for WR. Both did play in the NFL and no one moved the sticks the way Cosby did. He had hands like glue. I know Herkie was fast, but I don't remember him ever being as consistent as Cosby.
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  3. Horns11

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    It's solely for NFL production. I didn't take into account how they did in college.

    Quan was a decent punt returner, but only had 6 catches in the NFL. Ship's injuries cost him too much time. He probably would have made the "honorable mention" category if he had lasted another season or 3.
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  4. 2003TexasGrad

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    Tom Landry would mos def be the coach.
  5. ViperHorn

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    Come on September!
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    I think Dan Neil deserves better than honorable mention on the OL.
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  7. Horns11

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    Longevity = good for making the team, but he lacked the accolades that most of the "53-man roster" guys had. All-Pro, Pro Bowls, etc. He had a solid run for the Broncos and was a great teammate.
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    Wow, now THAT, was a damn fine and comprehensive list that I can find few flaws in. :headbang:

    I agreed with virtually all your #1 choices by position.

    I like the fact you included a bunch of old school players that were significant NFL players back in their day.

    Outside Layne as #1, QB position had many variables for ranking the others in the NFL.

    Layne was clearly #1 among that group.
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    Glad to see the Bud McFadin love. Very good player.

    I'll bet a lot of younger Horns have never heard of him. Very good player.
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  10. huisache

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    Justin blaylock gave up how many sacks in his career?

    he was the reason Vince liked running to the right so often

    watch what he does to the delayed blitze on Vince’s final td in the Rose Bowl

    he belongs at or near the top of the list

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  11. Horns11

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    I love Blalock, and much like a lot of OL guys we've had, he was part of a unit that made those teams special. But again, this is the all-time NFL success. While he was a good starter for the Falcons, he never had the individual accolades the the aforementioned guys who made the team have. Longevity = good, but not good enough.

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