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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Dec 30, 2019.

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    No mention of Tommy Wade, Duke Carlisle nor Jim Hudson.

    SuperBill Bradley was only a good QB on the freshman team. Both he and Hudson had remarkable NFL careers as DB.

    There was some guy named Bobby Layne also. Wonder what became of him?

    I pronounce list as bogus for its omissions.
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    My own top ten list:

    1. Colt McCoy
    2. Vince Young
    3. Bobby Layne
    4. James Street
    5. Chris Simms
    6. Major Applewhite
    7. Duke Carlisle
    8. Sam Ehlinger
    9. James Brown
    10. Eddie Phillips

    Layne, Carlisle, Street and Phillips were ahead of my time but Layne revolutionized the QB position and the other three won NC's, so all four need to be in the top ten.
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  4. X Misn Tx

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    Sam is an "I" still. Next year determines is final spot.
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  5. BurntOrangeLH

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    Ah, but Jim Hudson?

    Alan Lowry, was very good for his short time.
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    I totally agree. As of now his numbers put him in the top ten but if he can do something special next year he could move up maybe even to top five.

    Before my time and so its hard to judge especially as he moved to defense and really made his name there (much like Super Bill).

    I will admit to recency bias in my list but I think that is always going to be a part of any list.
  7. BurntOrangeLH

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    Yeah, if you did not see them, it is difficult to rate them.

    Might want to check out Tommy Wade also. Never started but did play in the NFL.

    Bobby Layne I only saw in the NFL but had balls of Iridium. Last NFL player not to wear a facemask.
  8. William Bush

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    No Bobby Layne on that list??
  9. SabreHorn

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    Just one of multiple reasons why the list is pathetic and made by either by someone with a fifth grade education or in the fifth grade.

  10. X Misn Tx

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    it's a list from people who vote on the internet. the under 50 crowd is HEAVILY over represented here.
  11. WorsterMan

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    This would be almost my list (not necessarily that order) but I would take Sam off (for now) as he is still playing and replace him with Marty Akins.
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    Lowry also beat Bama in the '73 Cotton bowl on a long TD run. There was some controversy about him stepping on the boundary line at the 10 or 15 yard line, but the score stood. He had a good season, and I rank him up there for that win over Bama alone.
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    With a list like this, I think you need to compare how the QBs played with their contemporaries. Winning isn't a good enough criteria to show how good a QB was ranked against people outside their era.

    Bobby Layne finished #8 and #6 for the Heisman his Jr/Sr years. I think he belongs top-3 if not even higher, especially how Texas wasn't even considered for major awards back in the 1940s.

    Carlisle wasn't considered an elite QB by other coaches/players in the 60s. He was a game manager while the defense and other backs were the major players. He's our Trent Dilfer but with running the option instead of throwing. I think Street and Phillips were probably a little better at throwing than Carlisle, but still in that same mold where the running backs and the OL were the actual "leaders" of the offense and it was the QB's job to "not mess up." Bama won championships with McCarron and McElroy, but no one in the world would place them above Tua or Namath.

    I've kind of been knocking Major down the list for the past few years. While he had some great moments like the TD to McGarity against NU and the close-but-not-quite comeback against CU in the conference championship game, I think his blunders and immobility keep him down around #10 on my list. He had a good-to-great OL for most of his tenure, but couldn't take advantage of it when it mattered the most.
  14. ViperHorn

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    What is the top prize? The team goal of an NC or an individual goal? Football is a team sport so the team (NC) comes first.
  15. zuckercanyon

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    All the qb's that one natties were necessary for that title to be gained (most important position on the field). However, no Vince, there's no way 2004-2005 goes as well as it did. Vince is the best all-time. Some think the Florida/Blinn/Auburn guy was better, but I think I'd pick Vince every time.
  16. Horns11

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    Everyone loves championships, but ranking the QBs who won championships ahead of better QBs on an all-time QB ranking list is nonsensical. Otherwise, Eli Manning is ranked ahead of guys like Marino and Kelly.

    I'm going with this list:
    1. Colt: not only was he considered Elite by the media/peers and perceptions of him around the NCAA, he was a 4-year starter and managed to put up the highest season and career passer ratings.
    2. Bobby Layne: there's no telling what might have happened to Texas football if he hadn't been around at the right time. When the service academies were raking in the 22-year-old war heroes to be their stars, we got arguably the guy who put Texas on the map, AND he was good, too.
    3. VY: the spark for 2004-05. His just-win attitude was contagious. Had he stayed another year and held us in contention throughout 2006, he'd probably be #1.
  17. Statalyzer

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    I think his non-quite comeback is overrated. He threw a long bomb for a score on his first drive, but then the offense didn't score another touchdown until it was too late (down 2 scores with like 30 seconds). But what does "couldn't take advantage when it mattered most" mean, other than the 1999 Big 12 CCG? Certainly it can't refer to 1998, and he was injured for most of the 2000 season and on the bench for most of 2001.
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    I would swap Vince and Colt. Colt was too injury prone, if he never got injured Texas likely plays for 2 more national titles. Then you have Sam who I wouldn't even put on the list until his career at Texas is over, then we can judge him on his whole body of work. I will say that if sam duplicates his junior year numbers, he will jump both Simms and Applewhite. If he gets us to the playoffs He is 3rd in my mind, if we win the title, he is #2 and possibly #1.
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    Disagree. Vince a spark? Like the water boy urging the team on? Went 30-2 with two Rose Bowl wins that he put up gawdy numbers. Colt? Mack’s guy who wasn’t going to be challenged for the spot, EVER. Undoubtedly gave it everything he had but didn’t last the first quarter when it came to The Big One. Many here don’t like to acknowledge Vince being the greatest and will spout off phrases like team game etc. Start talking about Colt and it’s like he did it all himself. Go back and look at those two Vince Rose bowls and see if that helps any....
  20. Horns11

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    I didn't compare him to the waterboy. That's you projecting the word "spark" into something I didn't intend.

    I'm not even going to show you stats, because it would make you sad. VY was the greatest at winning in those big time situations, but Colt McCoy is/was a better overall QB. VY could run with the best of them when it mattered, and I loved him for that. I knew he would pick up the 4th and 18 against KU in 2004. That's the kind of guy he was. But he's also the kind of guy who threw 12 TDs and 11 picks that year.

    There's a reason Colt wasn't challenged for the spot, EVER. VY left college with a 163 passer rating, Colt showed up as a freshman with a 162 and no David Thomas. He was great. He had a bad run of games at the end of 2006 and a handful in 2007 because of injuries, but look at his OL compared to VY's, especially in 2008-09 when Colt literally had to make up plays to get Dan freakin' Buckner the ball out of the slot when OU was showing a strong side blitz. Colt lost to OU once by a TD. VY lost to OU by 12 and 52. Colt showed up twice to the DAC; VY once. Colt got injured against Bama was a freakish play that shouldn't have come down to that, and blaming Colt for the injury as a reason why to prefer VY sounds a lot like someone who puts Super Bowl winning QBs ahead of better ones because they won Super Bowls.

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