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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Sheldon Cooper, Nov 7, 2020.

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    Probably not if it's taxpayer money... yours and mine... I paid for my son's college education. He helped. Now we're looking like idiots for not at least borrowing to be in a position to be forgiven.

    YEARS of planning, doing the right thing and we are the dopes.
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    Are Christians pissed when criminals receive forgiveness for their heinous sins previous to salvation?
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    Piss poor analogy here. God forgives the debt we sinners owe to Him. If the banks choose to forgive student loan debt on their own that is in line with Christian forgiveness. If a rich person pays others' debts out of what they produce and save that is true charity.

    When the government commands banks to not take loan payments from students, that isn't forgiveness. That is theft. When the government pays off student loans, that isn't forgiveness that is theft. They steal from one group to give to another. That is injustice.
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    I am unmoved by that. It has nothing to do with anything we're talking about. It's an attempt to cover for poor decisions using guilt trip tactics. I have no guilt for student loan debt.
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    Everytime I read sympathetic articles of folks who have student debt, this is what I learn:
    1. Student chose to go to expensive private school because they felt entitled to do so.
    2. After graduating they are living on their own instead of sharing an apartment.
    3. The above 2 items alone contribute to why they can’t afford the monthly debt payment of $600 or so.
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    There are ways of discharging student loan debt but they are rare instances such as becoming a teacher, getting completely disabled, or dying.
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    That is true
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    You forgot that the job market for degrees in CRT are kind of tight
    There are only so many webinars Coca Cola will give you
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    Oh boy - a billion for racial justice for "farmers"
    Biden $1.9T coronavirus stimulus package includes $1B for racial justice provisions for farmers

    This is exactly what Obama did with his first "stimulus"
    You might recall how Obama was going to "invest" in rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure?

    He requested "shovel ready" projects


    What a load of crap

    Obama's near $1 TRILLION stimulus bill was a giant money laundering scam
    The money was "payback" to all the "folks" who helped him win the election

    Looks like Biden is following that same blueprint -- and he has a lot of people to pay back

    Of the entire $1T, this was the only funding to actually involved a shovel
    And I bet you can guess what he is shoveling here
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    Too late Kate... that was you. That was Hollywood. You sanctimonious, narcissistic, obsessive liars are a disgrace. Seriously. You are. I'll watch a movie but you get no credit from me for it.

    I've not watched an awards show in decades. The combination of their massive levels of hypocrisy and sanctimony is why.

    The headline is about her weight, which I can understand how it would be upsetting to her... but the focus of my post is her decisions to work with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Whatever you may think of those Directors, Hollywood elevated the art above everything else.

    Kate Winslet says focus on her weight as a young star was 'straight-up cruel'
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    "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money"
    -- Everett Dirksen
    We need more of these, less AOCs
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    Maybe no one would have noticed if she wasnt naked all the time?
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    Jf :ousucksnana:
    I was just trying to remember who said that.
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    It's certainly reparations.
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    Interesting guy who had his good points (see the LBJ tapes), but he was from an era when Rs were perfectly happy being the minority.
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    Here is some more of Biden's pork -- it's almost surprising Dems has time for this in between trying to impeach someone already out of office and then working so hard to limit his burial options

    Like the above, most of the money will be on the form of direct bailout for Democratic constituencies. They will give it names under the guise of expanding "progressive" programs. But its pork, at best. Illegal money laundering at worst.

    - $350 billion to blue state and local governments who went for nuclear economic lockdowns in an effort to screw Trump in the election
    - $86 billion to rescue 185 pension plans insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Managed jointly by employer sponsors and unions, these plans are chronically underfunded due to lax federal standards and accounting rules.
    - $129 billion to "encourage" public school teachers to get to work
    - $40 billion to colleges and universities for an "unstated reason"
    - $35 billion to prop up ObamaCare
    - $1.5 million for the Seaway International Bridge that connects Chuck Schumer's house in New York to Canada
    - $500 million for Elizabeth Warren's grants to fund the libraries and museums, and Native American language preservation
    - $39 billion for child care
    - $30 billion for public transit
    - $19 billion in rental assistance
    - $10 billion in mortgage help
    - $4.5 billion in Energy Assistance
    - $3.5 billion for food stamps
    - $1 billion for Head Start
    - $1.5 billion for Amtrak
    - $50 billion for the FEMA
    - $4 billion to pay off loans of farmers and ranchers of color
    - $1 billion in world food assistance.
    - $25 billion Earned Income Tax Credit expansion

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    Assuming this is true, once again, the reality of a union (Police and Teachers) show that unions will turn on anyone and exploit any situation. It's FAR BEYOND having a voice in the business. Federal law now provides so many protections. What it is really about is the ability to extort (pay us or we will destroy anything including your children's education) on demand.
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    Replying to myself on this...

    Hey Bystander, why don't we hear the Liberal establishment blasting the education cartel for over-charging our kids and forcing them to take garbage electives that couldn't buy you a Venti Soy Latte at Starbucks?
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    Here, Scalise says only about 10% of Biden's Coronavirus bill goes to public health

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    For starters, any teacher who wears a mask to a zoom meeting should get fired.

    Second, kids being this ignorant is a product of derelict parents as much as it's a product of derelict schools. Teachers are responsible to teach kids, but the first responsibility to teach kids lies with parents.
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  25. OUBubba

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    Maybe he was in a room with others or some other setting that required the mask. We have that occasionally.
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    We are close to agreement this time
    But I would argue teaching schoolkids history is more the job of of schools
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    Depends on 1) when it was incurred and 2) whether it was federal or private. There are still some older federal student loans that may actually still be dischargable if the deadbeat has thus far evaded collection activity...and yeah, if they still have a loan from the 80's, they qualify as deadbeat.
  28. mb227

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    Don't be so obtuse as to conflate personal finances with corporate finances. Even being an okie, you SEEMED to have more sense than that...
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    I thought he was talking about Bankr Ct
    Student loans are not dischargeable there
  30. mb227

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    Private loans were dischargable until sometime in the past few decades. I have not kept up with the specifics since I don't do BK law and I don't know anyone who went to school in my era who still has loans that are either not yet paid or aren't close to being burned by pay-off...

    There are also some rare avenues where fed loans were supposedly dischargable if undue hardship could be shown...a high hurdle, to be sure...but potentially doable.

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