America is lost...

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Sheldon Cooper, Nov 7, 2020.

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    ********, there are a LOT of really ****** teachers who fail kids every day. And I'm not talking a small percent either.
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    Geez everyday the Woke get loonier
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    Someone posted pics of Obama Biden Pelosi Schumer Durbin etc giving the "White Power" sign. No one complained then
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    Well that’s different.
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    ^I copied this excerpt from the linked article:

    "Boudin’s plan to decriminalize such property offenses – the mirror opposite of the low-tolerance “broken windows” approach adopted in the late 1980s as crime rates began historic declines – has contributed to the sense that he is not holding criminals accountable. In 2019, the city had an incredible 25,667 “smash-and-grabs,” as thieves sought valuables and other property from cars to sell on the black market. The following year, rather than attempt to prevent or even disincentivize this crime, Boudin has proposed a $1.5 million fund to pay for auto glass repair, arguing that it “will help put money into San Francisco jobs and San Francisco businesses.” In literal terms, Boudin is subsidizing broken windows, under the notion that it can be transformed into a job-creation program."

    This is incredible - trying to turn crime into a job-creation program. Surely no sane person really believes that. But then again, finding a sane person in San Francisco might be very tough - after all, they elected this idoit.
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    True Liberals are mentally ill. It's just time to tell it like it is. They just are.
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    I guess the victims are out of luck regarding their stolen property. What monumental idiocy. If he wants to create jobs, hire more cops and better prosecutors.
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    Boudin...isn't that a type of Cajun sausage from south Louisiana?
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    Apparently the guy's brain is made up of Cajun sausage.
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