Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise worldwide

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    Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise worldwide in 2012
    Rick Moran

    A report published by Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, reports that incidents of anti-Semitic violence rose an alarming 30% in 2012.

    Associated Press:

    The report linked the March 2012 shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, where an extremist Muslim gunman killed four, to a series of copycat attacks, particularly in France, where physical assaults on Jews almost doubled.

    Researchers who presented the report at the university on Sunday said they had also found a direct correlation between the strengthening of extreme right-wing parties in some European countries and high levels of anti-Semitic incidents, as well as attacks on other minorities and immigrants.

    They said Europe's economic crisis was fueling the success of parties like Jobbik in Hungary, Golden Dawn in Greece and Svoboda in Ukraine.

    Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, called for strong action by the European Union, charging that governments -- particularly Hungary --were not doing enough to curb these parties' activities and protect minorities.

    "Neo-Nazis have been once again legalized in Europe, they are openly sitting in parliaments," said Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress.

    Golden Dawn swept into Greece's parliament for the first time in June on an anti-immigrant platform. The party rejects the neo-Nazi label but is fond of Nazi literature and references. In Hungary, a Jobbik lawmaker has called for Jews to be screened as potential security risks. The leader of Ukraine's Svoboda denies his party is anti-Semitic but has repeatedly used derogatory terms to refer to Jews.

    The report by the university's Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry found little correlation between the increase of anti-Semitic attacks and Israel's military operation in Gaza in November. While there was a spike in incidents at the time, it was much smaller in number and intensity than the one that followed the Toulouse attack, said Roni Stauber, the chief researcher on the project.

    "This shows that the desire to harm Jews is deeply rooted among extremist Muslims and right-wingers, regardless of events in the Middle East," he said.

    The release of the report was timed to coincide with Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was starting Sunday at sundown.

    Jews have been portrayed as scapegoats for hundreds of years in Europe so it is hardly surprising that right wing extremist groups would use these "blame the Jew" tactics to get ahead politically. Most recently, the bank crisis in Cyprus saw many ordinary people carrying signs blaming "Jewish bankers" for their troubles.

    The antidote to anti-Semtism is exposing it wherever it rears its head. There are enough people of good faith with good hearts who will rally against hatred and shine the light of truth on those who would use that hate to gain power.


    It is interesting to me that the left's policies of entitlements and open borders have created many problems in Europe. Runaway spending has crippled economies and immigration of people not willing to assimilate has created cultures within cultures and in places like France, countries within countries. From the Euro left has come both anti-Israel and anti-semitic rhetoric but as many Euro economies falter, right wingers gain a footing. These right-wingers blame Jews for their troubles.

    From such a viewpoint, it is hard to see the difference between leftists and right-wingers and going back in time between socialists in Germany and communists in Russia. Meanwhile, moderates suffer. I am quite aware that many people on this board disagree with me. Do you believe anti-semitism is on the rise worldwide? What do you think are the causes? What can Jews do about it? What is the difference between today's socialists and today's neo-Nazis?
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    I'm pretty sure we're only suppose to be concerned about violence against gays, women and assorted other groups. I don't think Jews qualify for outrage.
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    They need to whine louder, like other deserving oppressed groups. White males are the world's biggest whiners and look how everybody leaves them alone. Well, maybe that is not a good example.

    As the world gets closer and people spread out, all the ancient hates and stupidity (as well as some new ones) get more opportunity,. One idea that might work is to pick one group for everybody to hate on and concentrate on eliminating them. My first pick would be the Comanches but Texans took care of them in the 19th century, so how about the Gypsies?
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    A very important topic, thanks to OP for starting! As Deez rightly points out, the main culprits/perpetrators of this bigotry are: Muslims, thr Ron Paul wing of the right and the loony left wing. I'm afraid we'll only see more of these incidences as the Iran issue keeps getting closer. [​IMG] if there ever were to be a group of people armed to the teeth, it's Jewish folk. [​IMG]
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    Bomb Threats Close Classes at Two Houston Synagogues
    By: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu
    Published: May 2nd, 2013

    Bomb threats on two Houston synagogues Wednesday closed classes, one day after a similar threat on a court forced a quick evacuation.

    The synagogue bomb threats were called in to called in to Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform temple, and the Conservative Congregation Or Ami on Wednesday afternoon.

    Both synagogues canceled Hebrew school classes for Thursday but said they would reopen Friday with more security. Officials searched the buildings and did not find anything suspicious.


    Abbas’ Fatah Party Praises ‘Hero’ Who Stabbed Jew to Death

    Posted on: May 1st, 2013
    Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu
    News → Antisemitism

    The Fatah party, headed by Mahmoud “Peace Partner” Abbas, quickly responded to Tuesday’s murder of a Jew. It did not condemn it, No, it praised the terrorist.

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    I was at an indo/paki restaurant today for lunch with friends. I saw a couple of guys seated with beards and the religious headgear on their noggins. Who the eff is giving these guys visas to enter the country?!!! [​IMG]
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    I was driving through Idaho a few years back and asked about a breakfast stop in Pocatello. Lady at the motel told me there was a place open that early just down the street but it was Mexican. I pulled in, got a bite and it was excellent. I complimented the owner and asked how it was Pocatello had tex-mex as good as any in Corpus. He said he was from Robstown.
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