anyone tried Primizie?

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by accuratehorn, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    A customer works there, said it was great Italian. Any reviews? How expensive is it to eat there? Sounded slightly pricey. I think it is a couple of blocks east of IH-35 downtown, 5th, or 6th maybe?
  2. unpaintedhuffhines

    unpaintedhuffhines 1,000+ Posts

    a friends wedding was catered by them and it was solid. Never been to restaurant though
  3. KingBobo81

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    I wouldn't call it the best Italian ever but it is certainly a good meal and I would recommend it. As far as price, you will be paying more than you would at a dump like the Olive Garden, but it won't break your wallet unless you go crazy on wine/dessert etc. It is on 11th a couple blocks east of 35.
  4. 3rd Degree

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    Solid, not great. Some food was better than others. Some was very good. I would definitely go back. Wasn't too pricey really.
  5. hank_gathers

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    We found the food to be very good. The prices I would say are slightly high considering the level of atmosphere/ambience. We have only eaten at the bar, and found the bar staff to be very helpful with menu choices, wine choices/samples, etc. We tend to prefer casual places with distinctive food such as this, so it's high on our go-to list. Haven't been there when it's been particularly busy, but with all the hard surfaces, I imagine it can get quite loud.
  6. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    OK, thanks for the info. The wife likes Italian, so I think we should try it.
  7. scottsins

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    4 second courses for dinner? WTF is that? One of them is sirloin, which means there are 3 true entrees to choose from.

    What they do have, looks pretty damn good though.

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