Army says 'no' to Abrams tanks ....

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Bevo Incognito, Apr 28, 2013.

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    .... congress orders them built, anyway. But what's another half billion or so?

    The Link

    Our system is broken. It's no longer a question of what policy is best but what group contributes what amount to which congressmen.

    All of us, Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians alike, need to work to dismantle the current system. The needed change cannot come from within. Money is corrosive. We need to demand a) term limits b) publicly funded elections with private donations limited to individuals and relatively small amounts.
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    Excellent point BI
    But i don't know that there is a good answer.
    If they close that plant and put all those people out of work those people quit paying taxes and spending money in the commnuity while going on the public assistance programs at OUR expense which will put many more businesses out of business and even more people on assistance

    I am not defending it by any means. If the Army doesn't want then STOP using our money for them.
    I am just asking how to stop wasting money without creating even more burdens on the taxpayer.

    maybe DHS can use them. They take mwraps why not an Abrams? [​IMG]
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    Thank you Secretary McNamara, your procurement system has worked so well for this country.

    Yet, guys like John McCain that want to revamp these systems get railed by the Mainstream Media for even thinking such a grand idea.

    I agree with Term limits, and instead of changing the procurement system, I believe that we should change the budgeting philosphy from Historic Budgeting to Zero Based Budgeting. With that change you can have an effective shot at changing the way products and services are procurred in the Federal government.

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