Austin Super Regional Game 2

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. mchammer

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    With Henley pitching today, who starts tomorrow?

    Still on track for my prediction: close games with series going to 3 games. I would rather lose first game and win second game versus the other way around. Seems to work better that way for the Horns.
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  4. Dionysus

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    Possible change to tomorrow’s game time?

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  6. Clean

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    Great win for the Horns. One more and we’re in our 36th CWS!!!
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  7. mchammer

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    Who’s the starter?

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Henley threw 39 pitches have to figure he can give 3-4 innings tomorrow. Shugart might have an inning more to give and don't count out Kingman coming on for an inning. Pitching by committee.
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    Just posted this on the other thread, but seems more appropriate to drop it here.

    We've got game three of a very tightly contested super regional starting at 12pm on a Monday. A) no one will watch on TV because they are at work and B) the stands will be at least 50-60% empty because everyone has to be at work.

    What were they thinking? It surely can't be about TV or stadium revenue, because if it were they would have scheduled a night game. I don't think it's about the kids because if they cared about the kid's they'd let those boys from Cookeville stay a little longer in Austin. Not much excitement back home I assure you unless they win tomorrow then all 23 fans will show up to greet them.....woo hoo!!!
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  11. mchammer

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  12. Run Pincher

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    Chase was brilliant. At least he knows you don't throw a meatball right down the middle on an 0-2 count.
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    I will be watching if it is on tv...
  14. ViperHorn

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    Throw your anger at ESPN as they control the timings. Their overriding rule is to show the $EC games at the most appealing times which is prime time. Thus the two games between the remaining 4 $EC schools get the prime time starts. In ESPN's eyes, the other two games are warm-up games. Actually, the noon game in Austin is a break for the players.
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    Looks like it is on ESPN2 today
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    Post-game presser

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    As it *always* is for games like this, The Disch will be as full as it's been the last 2 days. Teachers and their families, State and Federal workers, and those who now get City Council mandated sick leave will be out in force to back up the retirees who show up in force. Hundreds are already sleeping in the parking lots in their mobile living rooms!

    The long-lunch crowd that so many high tech companies allow will show up and hardly be missed as they can code from their ballparkseats. (Expect your 4G service to be a little slow if you're there).
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    lol. Strikeouts are fascist!

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