Austin Super Regional Game 3

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by giveemhell, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Wishbonemac

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    Attendance was 7,370. Largest crowd so far. Hard to believe some thought otherwise would happen.
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    Good thing I bet it MY way LOL! :coolnana::fiestanana:

    Aside from the money line, the under and giving the 1.5 runs, I also parlayed the money line and giving the runs.

    And then, while walking down the street, I hit the book at the D and parlayed all four of the home teams. That paid HANDSOMELY, although Floriduh made me sweat it for a while.

    I talked one guy out of taking Duke...he was convinced that TT had been hammered by Duke once and was primed to be hammered a second time. Did not see him after that, but he did scratch Duke from his list that he was about to hit the counter with.

    That being said...I couldn't bring myself to bet the outcome of the CWS. Texas is 12/1 (or was, not sure if the line moved later in the day yesterday). After a day of run-good with them, I decided not to jinx things...
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    I suck at predicting almost a much as OU sucks at everything!!
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