Aztex gone....MLS in Austin hopes, gone.

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by txlandagent, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. txlandagent

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    The Aztex have folded. Packed up their ball and left town citing lack of appropriate venue. No S Sherlock.

    "Pub News Network" officials close to the Austin Aztex claim that they're moving to San Antonio to install as their USL franchise in support of the SS&A endeavor to get an MLS team by 2018. Which means MLS will never make it to Austin.

    Any "futbol" fans here care to comment?
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    Drive to SA?
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  3. txlandagent

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    I missed the mark mightily with my conjecture in this post. "Aztex to Orlando City MLS...adios Phil, thanks for believing in us". SS&A errantly dumps $20M on the inferior Toyota Stadium with hopes that alone would be enough to court MLS expansion award...San Antonio snubbed, now butthurt and litigious...faltering MLS side Columbus Crew apparently on its way to Austin via Anthony Precourts’ savvy negotiating and love for our city...#MLS2ATX
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