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TRINITY, Texas — The No. 6 Texas Men's Golf team carded a final-round score of 2-under-par 286 on Wednesday to finish in third place at the Big 12 Championship at Whispering Pines Golf Club. In a back-and-forth battle all day featuring three of the top teams in the nation, No. 1 Oklahoma captured the team title with a 54-hole total of 14-under-par 850 (282-286-282), just two strokes in front of No. 2 and runner-up Oklahoma State (852) and three strokes in front of the Longhorns (853).
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Men finished 4th at the NCAA regionals, which qualified them for the NCAA championships.
Texas is inside the top ten after 2 rounds. Need to be within 15 after Sunday and top 8 after Monday. Going to be close.
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Texas shot well today. One stroke from 6th place. One more good day and they make the quarterfinals.
Texas is killing it today. Better the finish, the higher top 8 ranking we get, which means a better pairing in the quarterfinals. Obviously ranking not important for semifinals and the final, if we get there.
Texas currently in 4th. Only 4 or so shots from the lead! Lead doesn’t matter since it moves to head to head tomorrow for the quarterfinals. Regardless strong play yesterday and today. Looking like it will Texas-OSU for the quarters tomorrow.
Okay, the rounds are done. On to head to head!

Beat Okie State in quarterfinals. Now it’s Vandy in semifinals. It was almost a matchup against Texas Tech but Vandy pulled it out.
Beat Okie State in quarterfinals. Now it’s Vandy in semifinals. It was almost a matchup against Texas Tech but Vandy pulled it out.
Just arrived at my destination to see the quarterfinals results. Looking good in the semifinals!
Not to be a Debbie downer, but Texas played the finals a few years ago against Oregon on their home course. It was very close but Texas lost. Is this the case for ASU?
So where are we with the Directors Cup standings? I know last year it caused quite a kerfuffle!
We are neck and neck with Stanford. The standings are updated and posted after Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. You can find them online.

Obviously Texas gets the most points in the Spring (so does Stanford). The other two teams are UNC and Michigan but they don’t do much in the spring except maybe golf and tennis. In any event the standings are not updated after every sport so the official standings only have Fall and Winter sports represented.

Also the scoring is dynamic in that the top 16 sports (or some such) per school are counted. Texas has about 16 sport teams, so every team of Texas contributes to the final score. This is not true for Stanford that fields about 24-28 teams, and thus have the best chance of winning the cup with their top 16 teams. This is why Stanford wins every year (something like 28 straight until last year). Stanford fields the following teams that Texas doesn’t (based on memory): men volleyball, men and women water polo, men soccer, men rowing, gymnastics, etc.
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