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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Chris Dunne, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Hi All,
    New to the forum and was hoping you could help me out. I’m the best man for my brother’s bachelor party and we chose Austin. Being that we’re all big football fans we decided the weekend LSU comes to town to get the full experience. We’re not planning on going to the game, but we wanted to do a tailgate and possibly bars for the game. Certainly looking to get a little rowdy. Would you have any recommendations on where the best place to go is? And if there is some popular tailgate that we’d need to pay for that is fine too. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You might want to add some detail to this lest it discourage responses. I suspect most tailgaters have a limited appetite for excessive levels of “rowdy” in their space.
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    Ok fair enough. Maybe rowdy was the wrong word, we’re a group looking to have fun with a decent amount of us former football players or huge fans. It’s gonna be 8-10 of us with most us being the ages between 28-31. We’re looking to be around a football crowd that allows us to experience the food and drinking culture of UT. If there are some lawn games, drinking games, and music involved even better. Just looking for a good time throughout the day before the game.
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    There will be plenty of tailgates going on with food and beer available from the parking garages to campus between San Jac and Trinity or over near the baseball stadium. Sholz’s Garden at SA Jac an 16th is usually hopping on game day with a large crowd and serve beer and burgers.
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    Texas | Tailgate Guys

    Here is an option you can custom tailor to your group.

    Another option is to get to Bevo Blvd opens 3-5 hours before kickoff, enjoy all the pre game activities, sights, sounds and people watching.

    Head over to one of the area bars Scholtz, Touchdown, 6th street etc and watch the game.
    Post game head to Warehouse District and a quick walkthru 6th street.

    People are friendly and you will have plenty of options.

    Wear Burnt Orange.
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    28-31, damn I remember when I was that age. Enjoy fellas

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