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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by orangecat1, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. orangecat1

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    the way we were playing, we would have been smashed to bits by Duke. We didn't even have a team concept in the 2nd half. It was all Brown. I kept hoping for somebody to make something, especially Hamilton. I really though Jordan would eventually make a FG sometime in the last 5 minutes, I think he only took the one attempt, a mid-range jumper nobody really close to him, didn't really come close.

    If Arizona plays the way they did today, they lose by 20+ to Duke, seriously.

    Btw, as good a D as Thompson was playing, I'm guessing he was tired and that accounts for his lack of offense? We needed just a bit from him offensively in the 2nd half, never happened.
  2. ut1978

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    Well, you have no way of knowing WHICH Texas team would show up against Duke. We could just as easily smash them. Consistency is not one of our strong suits.

    Amid all the bitterness and heavy drinking...if Hamilton and TT come back next year, we could be VERY good, particularly with the quality freshmen coming in.

    One of the reasons why Kansas seems to be up there year after year is that their players don't seem to leave early. When Florida won their second NC, the entire starting 5 returned from the previous (NC) year.
  3. BevoJoe

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    A good year overall, but the same story, fade at the end, and another 1st or 2nd round exit. If most of these guys are back, we should have a good year.
  4. orangecat1

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    I watched the part of the Duke game where they ran up the lead, and then I watched them stand around and nearly give the game away to Michigan in the last 3-4 minutes, because they were so cocky they would win that they didn't even have to run their offense!

    Duke was actually resting players while they were on the floor on offense! They were standing around! That's the only reason the game became close.

    If Duke keeps running their offense, they beat Michigan by 7-10 points,.
  5. wadster

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  6. TexasGolf

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    if we can beat KU in Lawrence then we could beat Duke.
  7. utempire

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    It's nice to get to the sweet 16 so that would have been s pretty successful season and should be the minimum tourney goal every year. The big wigs wanted a Duke/Texas match up and hosed Texas by giving us a 4 seed. I think that played a role in today's sloppy first half. Duke will roll UA and get to the final 4 once again. I don't think we can beat a top flight team when it really counts right now and of course I picked us to go to the final 4 but deep down I really didn't see it happening based on the way we have been playing. Once I saw how easily they stymied our offense just by double teaming Tristin I knew we were in big trouble. Some of those guys have to at least shoot the ball once in awhile like Hill and Wangmene, and Balbay had to show he could shoot a jumper. If I was 6-10 I would guarantee I would be shooting the ball at least a couple of times a game. With Hamilton not playing well we really didn't have a shot to beat Duke. I was happy we came back, made free throws, and despite our off night we still had the game. But for us to take this next step we have to win the conference at least every once in awhile, this year was the year to do it and they blew it. I hope these guys stay together and look forward to next year.
  8. MrMojoRisin

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    I watched a lot of the second half and UA looked pretty good to me. Williams was clearly the best player on the floor. Don't know how they will play or how they match up against Duke, but I thought they looked pretty good (only saw last 10 minutes).
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    Arizona was in control of this game most of the way. If it wasn't for Brown hitting 100 percent of his free throws Texas would not have been in this game. Texas played poorly in the last 15 seconds, calling a timeout when Arizona did not have any and you got the rebound? Take the ball down make Arizona foul you. But Texas lost this game in the first half period. Texas was a great basketball team a month ago but when they ended the season they were just pretty good.
  10. warrior

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    At 28 - 8 the basketball team was alot better than the football team. Texas had a pretty good year but not great.
  11. L4UT

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    the teams that are successful now in the tournament are teams that have players that have played for 2 or 3 years together - especially at the guard position - it's hard to win when your best players are freshman mixed in with 2nd year players - we had a little more experience this year and were somewhat better - thompson was lost and clueless on how to match up on the big stage - hamilton was almost as bad - if they all come back next season - then we could have some experience to see the play in the tournament we want - corey called timeout before the 5 second count but hamilton should have dove down to the ball, his man was playing behind him

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