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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by EMJ426, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. EMJ426

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    when do they determine game times?
  2. Walking Boss

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    The radio broadcast said it was a 2:30 start time.
  3. EMJ426

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  4. p_town_horn

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    This weekend I am going to my first game this year with my son (7 years old). Anyone experienced the new Bevo Blvd?

    Suggestions on parking and/or activities?
  5. bigrob35

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    Bevo Blvd is pretty cool. Make sure you get a spot on the sidewalk to watch the players, coaches, the band and cheer coming down Bevo Blvd 2.5 hours before kick off. They have vendors, games and food trucks on the Blvd, but if you walk a few blocks away you will find several vendors giving away free vouchers, food and merch. They also have several ex players doing radio interviews as well. I will be taking a friend who has never been to a Horns game. I hope you and your son have a blast!!
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  6. EMJ426

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    Congratulations on your Sons first game. My very first UT game sitting in the knot hole seats in the early 70’s was against Baylor. We won and that game was just as memorable to me. This Saturday I will be sitting in that same North End Zone with my family, one who is my 12 year old niece who will watching her first UT game!!
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    We took our 2 year old grandson to the Tulsa game (the first Bevo Blvd.), and he loved it. Our only issue was getting through security with his diapers.
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  8. LonghornCatholic

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