Bekah Alcozer joining UT track as grad student

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Good for her! Look forward to following her on the track team!
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  2. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    I thought you only have 5 years to play 4 in college. Didn't she play ALL FOUR YEARS. How does she have any eligibility left ?
  3. UTexRulz23

    UTexRulz23 100+ Posts

    Yeah she’s allowed one year.

    Heather Schrieber(sp?) did it. So did several others.
  4. Statalyzer

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    If you play a sport for 4 years and graduate I believe you can play 1 year in a different sport. I don't know the details of the rule though.
  5. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    You are exactly correct the NCAA allows a student athlete 5 years to complete 4 years of eligibility in any one sport. A 5th year can either be used as a red shirt or participation in another sport which occasionally happens and is what Bekah is taking advantage of!
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