Best burger in DFW

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by mdmost, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. mdmost

    mdmost 100+ Posts

    Kincaid's on Camp Bowie Blvd in Ft. Worth. Went there again yesterday. That burger pwns. Fries and onion rings suck but the burger is on. Makes me miss Hut's a little less. Agree/disagree?
  2. Jive_Turkey

    Jive_Turkey 1,000+ Posts

    Never been to Kincaid's, but if it's better than the burger at Lee Harvey's, I'd be shocked.
  3. mdmost

    mdmost 100+ Posts

    Haven't tried the burger at Lee Harvey's. Not really into the bar scene but I'll take a shot at it sometime. But by all means, do yourself a favor and try it out Kincaid's. It is not far from the Cultural District in Ft. Worth with the Kimball and Omni. If you were planning on going over to FW to see the Star Wars exhibit, give it a try.
  4. HornZealot

    HornZealot 25+ Posts

    agreed that kincaids (the original spot) is the best I have had in d/fw
  5. TornACL

    TornACL 250+ Posts

    I've been told that Fred's Texas Cafe has a better burger than Kincaid's. I plan to find out soon. Never tried the burger, but I can walk there, so I will report back this week.
  6. Jive_Turkey

    Jive_Turkey 1,000+ Posts

    I'm going to Bass Hall next Saturday to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Might have to go to Kincaid's for a pre-musical burger.
  7. TheYoungHorn

    TheYoungHorn 25+ Posts

    Kincaids is money.

    Go fo sho.
  8. Dallas Frog

    Dallas Frog 25+ Posts

    Kincaid's is greatness. Jive, be sure to get there early if you are planning on going on a Saturday. I think they close early. But in Dallas, Twisted Root Burger Company in Deep Ellum is damn good. Worth the trip down there.
  9. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    I live in Austin but my favorite burger in Dallas is Chips.
  10. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

    Kincaid's rocks. I like the Works at Jakes, too.
  11. MustangOrange

    MustangOrange 100+ Posts

    They just opened up a new Kincaid's at Hulen/Overton Park right by Hulen Mall. Took my parents their Saturday - it's pretty good (maybe a little under the original location though) and it's just as crowded.

    There was a 1,000+ post called "Burger Wars" about the best burger in Dallas on SMU's message board. These guys are pretty serious in their analysis.

    Burger Wars
  12. mdmost

    mdmost 100+ Posts

    Haven't tried any of the satellite locations. I know there is another in Southlake. I have only been to the original.

    Can you summarize that post? That is way too long of a thread. It starts in 2002.
  13. Hellraiser97

    Hellraiser97 500+ Posts

    I'll have to check out Kincaid's next time I'm in cowtown. My favorite was always Angry Dog in Dallas.
  14. Spankytoes

    Spankytoes 100+ Posts

    Mmmm...Angry Dog.
  15. vball

    vball 250+ Posts

    Kinkaids > Freds

    However, I'm may be in the minority, but I prefer Tommy's to Kinkaids in FW.

    Can't go wrong with any of them, though!
  16. notreally

    notreally 1,000+ Posts

    never had kincaid's as i am rarely out that way, but i prefer the doublemeat special at kellers on nw highway. i'm not sure who came first, jakes or kellers, but one is trying to rip the other one off. and jakes is losing badly.
  17. El Tigre

    El Tigre < 25 Posts

    Wingfield's, but only if you can survive the chest pains afterwards.
  18. HornZealot

    HornZealot 25+ Posts

    i live in southlake and the place here just doesn't have the charm of the original store. I think the experience of the old store is half of what makes me like it so much.
  19. mdmost

    mdmost 100+ Posts

    The old store takes credit cards now so no more $3 ATM fees [​IMG]
  20. C-Man

    C-Man 250+ Posts

    Kincaid's is pretty damn good but my favorite burger in DFW is the #5 at Keller's Drive-In on NW Highway (Dallas). I also like Angry Dog, Jakes, Chips and Jack's Burger House. I haven't had it but folks rave about the burger at The Loon.
  21. LosIllini

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  22. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

  23. dfw75201

    dfw75201 250+ Posts

    The Wingfield's burger is good (won best in D mag, for whatever that's worth) but you have to take it home to eat it and it loses some quality that way.

    My money is on the point burger at Bailey's 1st and Ten. Awesome.
  24. LonghornLawyer

    LonghornLawyer 500+ Posts

    I must have missed that aspect of the Keller's experience.
  25. LosIllini

    LosIllini 250+ Posts

    I must have missed it too.
  26. MustangOrange

    MustangOrange 100+ Posts

    Bailey's First and Ten is what a lot of the guys on the burger wars thread liked as best burger in DFW.
  27. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

    ^^ Bailey's had a good bar burger.

    The funny part about my Keller's experience was my housemate was with me, he's white as hell to me, but he always said people always confuses him for hispanic, growing up Garland PD would pull him over all the time b/c he would match the description of a "person of interest."

    long story short, had to wait 30 mins for the hispanic chick from behind the counter inside to come and take our order while car after car rolled up next to us and were immediately taken care of by the regular servers. (place was mostly empty when we showed up, servers were just doing random chores around the buger shack for the first 10 mins) we were even chatting with our neighbors for a long while b/c both our cars were occupied by more dogs than humans.

    **** keller's.
  28. notreally

    notreally 1,000+ Posts

  29. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

  30. wolfman

    wolfman 1,000+ Posts

    The point burger at 1st and 10 is the shizzy. Especially with the chip sliced cottage fries (extra crispy).

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