Bevo lawn ornament?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by texascoder, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. texascoder

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    I've seen a few "Bevo" christmas lawn ornaments around. Basically, in the shape of a longhorn steer with burnt orange lights on it. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one?
  2. longhorn-ex

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    I realize this probably won't help .... but I saw something like that on 290 East between Austin and Houston (on the right hand side of the freeway). In doing some more research, the name of the place is Wyatt's Nursery - 6302 U.S. 290. I'm sure someone else here may post with something closer to you. Good luck!!
  3. valencia

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    When I was at Wyatt's they did not have the smallest one. I saw them in Mckinney TX along highway 75.
  4. Gen. Applewhite

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    there is a place out on highway 71 towards marble falls that is selling these I think. If I recall it was around spicewood. Saw them only way back to marble falls after the a&m game.

    HORNINTHEUSA 25+ Posts

    I got mine in Brenham of all places. When your heading out on 290 before you hit the exchange that sends you to Houston, there is a nursury on the right hand side.
  6. texascoder

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    Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I appreciate it. I'm in the Cedar Park (NW Austin) area so I just might take a drive out toward Spicewood to see if I can find one [​IMG]

    COOLMINT < 25 Posts

    one word "Academy"
  8. RabidLonghorn

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  9. 20horn20

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    I have one of the BIG longhorns but removed all fo the lights due to weathering - i sent you a PM if you want it you can have it [​IMG]
  10. nra1775

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    Got mine in Brenham as well.
  11. texascoder

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  12. Orangeblood

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    Show us a pic. [​IMG]
  13. texascoder

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    Ok, I'll try to remember to take one tonight after dark [​IMG]
  14. valencia

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    One of the homes in Allen, TX has a manger scene with all the animals including an orange Bevo.
  15. TDTexas!

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    ive got a neighbor that has one with the body all burnt orange lights and the horns in white lights on the apex of his roof in front. coolest damn bevo ive ever seen other than his royal highness, the reigning supreme bad *** in the southwest corner of the endzone. [​IMG]
  16. texascoder

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    Here's a pic that I took tonight...
  17. bpcombs

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    Here are a couple of pictures of mine:


    My wife found it in a shop along 79 between Austin and College Station, when she was still pulling shifts at St. Joseph's.
  18. MilkmanDan

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    This is from in front of Wyatt's a couple of years ago:

  19. fogdog3

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    290 in Brenham on the right. There are two sizes. One is in the $175 range and the other is in the $225 range. They also have just a Longhorn head that can be hung from anywhere.
  20. Horn69

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  21. fkubacak

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    Any idea where to get lights or even better have it restrung, most if ny lights are out
  22. Joe Fan

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  23. fkubacak

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    God one any use where to get replacement lights?

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