Bids for host sites for '18/'22 World Cup are out

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Laphroaig10, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Laphroaig10

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    The Link

    Both my alma maters are hoping to host games. Hope it works out for both.
  2. 1899horn

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    DKR would have to convert their bench seating to an all seat stadium to even be considered. It would be nice, but reliant and the Jones Mahal will be the Texas choices.
  3. hookem2003

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    World Cup at DKR would be so, so sweet. I can't imagine how fun it would be in Austin during that time. Agreed that it's more likely to end up at JerryWorld or Reliant, but you never know.
  4. l00p

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    What DKR would have going for it is that it is much larger than the others. OMG that would be so cool. I have seen matches in D.C. and NYC for both the WC and the Olympics. It would be sweet to be a mile from the hype. We could show 'em tailgates.
  5. Napoleon

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    It would be epic, but there aren't enough box seats, corporations, or direct flights in Austin for them to choose it.

    In reality, the US could have the WC in a different 4 to 8 different regions that would satisfy FIFA's requirements... and each one would blow away the record for previous WC's.

    France is the largest country completely in continental Europe. (Or at least pre-USSR breakup. The Ukraine might be bigger.) And France is only 4/5s the size of Texas. So if a single country in Europe can host the WC, that just shows you how insignificant the areas are in Europe. Florida could host a WC. Texas. California. Then you start looking at Regions, you could break it down by BCS conferences. Combine the NCAA stadiums with the NFL stadiums and it's a joke. The World Cup would never have to leave the USA.

    I would love to see the World Cup in College Stadiums vs. NFL stadiums, but it's not going to happen.

    Michigan and/or Michigan State
    Rose Bowl and/or LA Coliseum
    Penn State
    FSU/Florida/or Orange Bowl
    Stanford Stadium
    Washington (Huskie) Stadium
    ASU/Fiesta Bowl stadium... but it's the summer so U o' Phoenix Stadium...
    Memorial Stadium (Austin)

    Especially on campuses like Tennessee's, Michigan's, UT's, Ohio States, & Penn State's... there would have never been a WC like it.

    Now I'm off to bed.
  6. l00p

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    I would like to see the Italian team go to Columbus. That would be awesome if the douches in that city and that root for Ohio State show up to give them a fiery welcome.
  7. THEU

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    I attended the Nigeria v. Bulgaria match at the Cotton Bowl in 1994. I would like to see the Cotton Bowl get matches over the new JerryWorld in Arlington.
    I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think that the Cotton Bowl currently has a slightly larger regular seating capacity, while of course Jerryworld has more amenities and boxes, etc.
    I just think the newly double decked Cotton Bowl would be a GREAT venue for these matches.
  8. Napoleon

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  9. mandingo

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    Would they really play WC matches on artificial turf?
  10. THEU

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    As I recall they will NOT play on any artificial surfaces, which would mean that any place would have to at least temporarily have real grass.

    The Cotton Bowl is old, but what is wrong with that?

    Also, according to Wikipedia the Cotton Bowl currently holds 92,200, while the Cowboys stadium will open holing about 80,000, but is expandable to 100,000. I don't know what the expandable plan is, but it would appear at least as of this year the Cotton Bowl does hold more, but by 18/22 who knows
  11. 1899horn

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    FIFA does not allow stadiums with bench seating for the world cup, so the Cotton Bowl is out.
  12. MajorYoung

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    Is that a new rule? The cotton bowl hosted matches in the 1994 WC. Not that it really matters however, unless the Jerry world field cant be expanded into a soccer field, I dont see how the cotton bowl could receive matches instead of JW.
  13. Napoleon

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  14. 1899horn

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    The cotton bowl replaced their blue and white individual seats with benches in 2007.

    The Jones Majal will be the venue in Dallas. I saw the sweden- SA game at the cotton bowl at noon in 94. It was 198 degrees. The same game can be played at Jerry's place at the same time, and it will be a comfy 75 with the roof closed.
  15. Napoleon

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  16. 1899horn

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    They were. They won the game 3-1. The funniest aspect of the game for me were the amount of green-clad fans at the midfield stripe. They had some discretionary income to spend.
  17. ilsa

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    many of the fields on that list aren't wide enough to have a full soccer pitch.
  18. THEU

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    It is also a FIFA requirement to have natural grass on pitches... So tell me how Jerry World is going to get natural grass to 'grow' and stay playable indoors (yea I know it will have a retractable 'hole') for the lenghth of time needed to host matches?

    Also, JW isn't in Dallas. It isn't a Dallas venue, it isn't a Dallas Co. venue. You want to say WC is coming to Ft. Worth, be my guest, but it isn't Dallas. And yea, I will always be sore. Just like so many in Austin will never say Round Rock is part of Austin... btw... Rock Rock is NOT Austin.

    I didn't know that the Cotton Bowl has benches now, so Nap and I now understand the problem there. I will say that it is FAR more important to have a natural pitch than to have individual seats...
  19. Napoleon

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    Jerry World could do something kind of like they do in Arizona, but instead of keeping the entire field outside in the sun and then rolling them in a day or two before game days. They would have to do that in extremely large sections and then fit it through those HUGE walls of windows at each end of the stadium. The worry would be the seams between the sections of grass, but they have 9 to 13 years to work on solving that problem. I'm thinking that they could figure something out in that time.

    Last time the World Cup went to NEW JERSEY; Pontiac, Michigan; Pasadena, California; Stanford, California; Foxboro, Massachusetts...

    I hardly think that the embarrassment of saying "The Dallas/Ft. Worth Area" is going to keep the World Cup from going to Jerry World in 2022.

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